Best Desktop Vaporizers

Are you looking for the best desktop vaporizers? There are lots of different brands out there, but only a few can really offer the durability and performance that you are searching for. If you can’t decide which desktop vaporizer is best, we will point you towards some of our favorites. Our team puts a lot of time and effort into testing all of the hottest vaporizers in today’s market. Then we give you honest reviews and point you towards the models that we recommend most.

Desktop vaporizers are a little different from the typical portable vapes. For one thing, they are much larger, but the biggest difference is in the vapor production. The desktop models are really powerful! If you really like potent vapor and don’t mind a stationary vaporizer that needs to be plugged into an outlet, then the desktop will be perfect for you. Some desktop units also include a battery adapter so you can take them along when you travel without worrying about finding an electrical outlet each time you crave a hit of vapor.

You can find desktop vaporizers ranging from basic entry-level units to expensive high-end styles with lots of extra accessories. We will help you navigate all of these options and find the model that is perfect for your particular needs. Start by browsing the reviews of our top rated desktop vaporizers and find out what makes each model unique from the competition. We’ll show you the pros and cons of each and give you pointers to maximize performance and get the most pleasure each time you vape.

The best desktop vaporizers are durable and long-lasting. In fact, a good sturdy unit can last for years with proper maintenance. Check out our detailed desktop vaporizer reviews to find the brand that is right for you and then you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of your brand new vaporizer!

Volcano Vaporizer Classic Review

Plenty Vaporizer Review

If you are looking for a new desktop vaporizer, check out the new Plenty. It ranks with some of the best in the market and I would group it in with classics like the Volcano and the much loved Herbalizer. The Plenty vaporizer makes functionality the highest priority and it has an extra-wide chamber to hold lots of herbs for your vaping enjoyment. Whether you fill it with a little or a lot, it performs to peak standards and gives you a nice, clean vape from start to finish. My favorite feature from the Plenty is the cooling coil that is located between the mouthpiece and the herb chamber. It cools down the vapor just enough to enhance the flavors and make it more comfortable to inhale. I don’t always like warm vapor because it tends to make me cough and irritate my throat, so that cooling coil really made all the difference for me. I also really liked the oversized herb chamber. It’s larger than the chamber in the Volcano and that extra space gives you better vapor production. [productful] The Plenty offers dense vapor with good, strong draws. While it does take a few minutes to reach peak temperatures, it wasn’t so long that it was bothersome. It was pretty intuitive to use, but I had to experiment just a little to figure out the setting that would give me the best performance. The temperature does tend to fluctuate a little during use, but I didn’t notice any change in the performance as a result. Some people might be turned off to the Plenty at first glance because it does look a little weird. In some ways, it resembles a power tool more than a desktop vaporizer, but what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up three fold in performance. If you want a powerful vaporizer that is more affordable than the Volcano, this is probably a great fit for you.

Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

For as long as I can remember, Volcano has been the brand to beat in the world in the world of desktop vaporizers. Nothing else has ever come close to the quality of the Volcano… until now. The new Herbalizer was designed by former NASA engineers and it is truly incredible. It is an all-in-one desktop vaping system with dual functionality so you can use it for vaping or for aromatherapy. The Herbalizer offers plenty of options. You can use it with herbs, concentrates, or essential oils. While the heating element is extremely powerful, the fan is whisper quiet so it doesn’t sound like you are launching a rocket every time you sit down for a vape. The design is sleek and attractive so you won’t feel uncomfortable if someone pops over for a visit and it’s sitting out on the coffee table. This is one of the best American-made vaporizers and it has a modern design that is almost futuristic. It’s super lightweight at only two pounds and it’s compact enough to stick in a drawer when not in use. The lid flips up to show the control panel and the herb chamber and the whip stays in place when you wrap it along the outside edge. There is even a separate compartment in the lid where you can stash your supplies. I love that it makes it possible to keep all your vaping gear in one compact place so you are never stuck looking around for your oils and concentrates and you are always ready to start vaping whenever the urge hits. [productful] I was really impressed with the heating element in the Herbalizer! It only takes five seconds for it to heat to 380 degress. Incredible, right? The control panel is easy to use and it didn’t take me long to figure out all the functions. It automatically boots up when you open the lid and then you can select whether you want to use the Herbalizer for vaping or aromatherapy. Then the unit will instantly heat to the correct temperature. If you are using it for aromatherapy, it even lets you set a timer and fan speed so you can turn it on and leave it with no more worries about turning it off later. When you use the Herbalizer to vape, you can set the heat at the temperature you like best with options ranging from 290 to 445 degrees. You can also set the fan on or off. You can use this vaporizer with whips or bags and I tried both, but found the bags to be the best option. I was surprised to see the bags would fill in under 20 seconds and each one holds two liters of vapor! If you’re a newbie, that’s a lot! Each bowl can fill two whole bags. The only real downside I found was the upper lid covering the storage compartment. It seemed to be a little flimsy. Since this unit is pretty expensive, I would love to see that aspect redesigned to give it a sturdier feel. All things considered, I actually thing the Herbalizer is worth the high price tag. It comes with a 5-year quality guarantee and a two year limited warranty. The designers claim that the bulb will last for 20 years so you are really making a long-term purchase with this unit. If you are tired of settling for mediocre desktop vapes, then give the Herbalizer a try. It’s an investment that you will really enjoy for a long time.

HerbalAire Vaporizer Review

The HerbalAire vaporizer is not only beautiful, but it offers powerful performance and plenty of options for the experienced vaper. This is a desktop unit that was designed in Canada and it can be used with balloons or whips to get the perfect vaping experience. I absolutely loved the look of the HerbalAire with its sleek design. In fact, I don’t mind leaving it out on my desk even when I have people over. This vaporizer is made with a unique design because the fans inside power the vapor out through the balloon or whip. The fans only come on when you are filling a balloon or inhaling from the whip so you aren’t wasting energy or burning up the fan during dead time between puffs. The design is really user-friendly and the outer shell is created from a Teflon material to keep it from getting hot to the touch even when the wire-heating element reaches scorching temperatures. The HerbalAire has an automatic shut off feature, which is a nice bonus for safety. You turn it on by simply turning the nob and you also use the same little nob to control the temperature. It’s pretty straight forward to use! The built in climate control feature keeps your heat regulated at the temperature you desire with very little fluctuations. Even if you are vaping in a freezing cold room, this vaporizer will stay at the temperature you set it because it is so well made. When you buy the HerbalAire, it comes with all the basics but you have to purchase attachments separately. I thought it was perfect just as it arrived, but if you like the option of using other attachments, they are always available. This vaporizer is simple enough that even beginning vapers can handle it, but it performs well enough to keep you satisfied even if you have been vaping for a while. [productful] One of my favorite things about this particular model is the chamber. It can be easily removed so clean up is so much easier! If you have used many desktop vaporizers in the past, you know that it can be really difficult to get them clean after use, but the HerbalAire makes it way easier with a removable chamber. In terms of price, this one is middle of the road for a desktop unit at around $250. I think it’s well worth every dime because you get a well-designed vaporizer with stellar vapor production. Plus it’s so intuitive that anyone can use it. This would be one of my top choices for a desktop vaporizer for beginners, but I think even seasoned vapers will be more than satisfied with the HerbalAire.

Hot Box Whip-Style Vaporizer Review

Most of today’s popular desktop vaporizers are pretty complicated and have huge control panels that can be intimidating for new vapers. But the Hot Box is different. It’s very simple and intuitive without all the bells and whistles that make other models complicated. It turns on and off with a single switch and best of all, it’s really affordable so you can start using a desktop vaporizer without spending a ton of money in the process. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting a lot from this vaporizer when I first looked at it. The Hot Box is much less expensive and it seemed almost too simple when I took it out of the box. But after I tried it, I changed my mind and decided that it’s actually a great option. The design is sturdy and actually pretty trendy and modern looking. I though the chrome heating component added to the experience and gave me a cleaner taste. Even if you are new to vaping with a whip, you will get the hang of it really quickly using the Hot Box. Of course, there are a few drawbacks to such a simple design. The thing that really bothered me most was that it takes quite a while to heat up. It usually took about ten minutes to reach the temperature needed to start vaping. While that’s not terrible, it’s still quite a bit more than some higher end units that can heat up in under a minute. I also felt like the whip was a little stiff. It didn’t seem to make any difference in performance, but it wasn’t quite as comfortable as some of the whips I’ve tried with other units. [productful] Another drawback is the one-dial design. While I loved the simplicity, I didn’t like that I had no control over the temperature. It’s not very customizable and the casing got really hot after I vaped for a while. After several uses, I found myself really wishing I could tweak the temperature just a little. All things considered, I still recommend the Hot Box if you want a whip style vaporizer that is simple and easy to use. It’s affordably priced and offers a pretty good overall performance. While it’s not in the same ball park as the Volcano or Herbalizer, it is still satisfying and will be the perfect choice for vapers on a tight budget.

Vapir One V5.0 Vaporizer Review

The Vapir One is an affordable desktop vaporizer that offers a lot of versatility if you like to mix up your vaping style. It is one of the lower priced units at around $150, but it still offers good durability and performance with consistent vapor production and a nice smooth draw. You can use this model with bags or the whip, but I found that the whip seemed to provide the most potent vapor. I routinely rely on the whip when I’m using my Vapir One, but having the bag option is definitely an extra perk in case you ever want to use it. While it isn’t the most attractive design I’ve ever seen, I love that the Vapir One is really lightweight and portable. If you need a vaporizer that is easy to pack up and take with you when you travel, this model is perfect. Considering the low price tag, I was surprised that this vaporizer has a great digital display to show you the temperature. It warms up quickly and there are colored lights to show you when it’s ready to start vaping. The Vapir One comes with five herbal discs and they are reusable so you can vape your herbs of choice with no hassle. You can also buy a variety of accessories if you want to enhance the style and capabilities of this vaporizer, but I honestly thought it worked just fine without any extras. If you prefer to use the bags, it comes with five so they will be handy for parties or for vaping with friends. Even though this model is lightweight and great for travel, it does require an electrical outlet. If you plan to use it in the car, you will have to buy an adapter kit. I really wish that it included a table stand, but you have to purchase that separately too. You don’t have to buy a table stand, but you will need a safe, hard tabletop to rest the Vapir on or just hold it in your hand while it’s warming up. [productful] Even though I use the whip most of the time, I wish the bags were a little larger. On average, I can get about three good hits from a bag if it is fully inflated. Of course, it comes with five bags and you can order more if needed so it’s really not a big deal in the big scheme of things. If you prefer the whip, keep in mind that you have to remove the herb drawer in order to stop the unit from vaporizing. If you don’t eject the herb drawer right away, you could potentially waste some of your herbs. I also noticed that the unit gets really hot! Make sure you grab it by the handle and never by the body. The only other downside is the noise level. The fan is loud! This vaporizer comes with a standard 90-day warranty, but there are some stipulations so make sure you read the fine print. You have to register your vaporizer to take advantage of the warranty so don’t forget to do that as soon as your Vapir One arrives!

Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

Made by 7th Floor, Da Buddha Vaporizer is a popular choice among seasoned vapers. You might know this company for their other popular model called the Silver Surfer. We like Da Buddha because it is more affordable than the Silver Surfer, but has similar parts and performance. It really offers the same awesome vaping experience without the customization options. However, you can still add cool accessories like glass knobs, wands, or mouth pieces if you want to set your vaporizer apart from others. After taking Da Buddha for a test drive, I have to say that I was surprised by how well it performed! While I’ve been a big fan of the Volcano for years, Da Buddha provides a really satisfactory vape and the price tag makes it even more appealing. It is really a perfect solution for someone that wants a quality desktop vaporizer without dropping a ton of money on their first unit. When my vaporizer arrived, it was packaged well with plenty of padding to protect the delicate glass pieces. My kit included the vaporizer, a great travel bag with lots of padding, 3 screens, tubing, a stir stick, and a wand. Setting up Da Buddha was really simple. Just plug it in and set your temperature. Give it a few minutes to heat up and then fill the wand with your herbs. Place the wand in the heat cover and then inhale through the mouthpiece. It’s really fool-proof, even if it’s your first time using a desktop vaporizer. [productful] In terms of appearance, Da Buddha is attractive, but it isn’t flashy. The basic unit is silver, but you can upgrade to the black model for $20 more. It has a dial for adjusting the temperature and there is no digital screen. As a result, you might have to play with a little to figure out how to set it at the exact temperature you like best, but over all, it’s not a big problem and certainly not a deal breaker. If the dial worries you, just start by turning it on and slowly inch the dial up until the vapor production is at the level you prefer. The only real downside to Da Buddha is the horizontal positioning of the herb chamber. You have to consciously keep your material flat so that your herbs don’t fall into the heating element. Some people prefer the Silver Surfer over Da Buddha because it has an angled heating element to prevent this problem. Overall though, it won’t ruin your vape as long as you pay attention while you are using it. I found that this vaporizer has good consistent vapor production and a nice, clean taste. It draws smooth and works well for regular daily use. Thanks to the carrying case, I have packed up Da Buddha and taken it with me on road trips on several occasions.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

If you are looking for a desktop vaporizer with more versatility, the Arizer Extreme Q is a good choice. This model has a really attractive design with a tapered cylinder that rests on a glowing plate. On the front side, there is a digital display so you can easily monitor your temperature settings and see the actual temperature in real time. You can use the Arizer Extreme Q in several different ways. The unit comes with a bag attachment, a whip (long tube), and a bowl. This vaporizer is really simple to set up and use. Just place your herb into the main bowl and then set it on the heating element. Next, attach the bag on top and turn it on. Set your temperature, turn on the fan, and inflate the bag. That’s it… you are ready to vape! The best part of the Arizer Extreme Q is the versatility. By using the bag, you get low-temperature vapor that is perfect for vaping with friends. But when you are vaping alone, you can just use the whip and avoid the hassle of using the big bag. It really gives you the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, there is one big drawback to this unit. It has a lot of small glass pieces that could easily break. If you tend to be a clumsy vaper, you will need to be cautious with the Arizer Extreme Q. The good news is that Arizer offers a 3-year warranty so if you do drop a glass piece, you can have it replaced without much hassle. When I first ordered this vaporizer, I thought it was a little strange that the unit comes with a remote control for setting the temperature and fan speed. Why do you need a remote if you will have to get up to inhale? Once I actually used this vaporizer, it made more sense. Because it takes a few minutes to heat up, you can switch it on with the remote and give it time to warm up before you go over to the unit and start vaping. So it turns out that the remote is actually a really great feature that sets Arizer Extreme Q apart from competitors! When I took the Arizer Extreme Q for a test drive, I had pretty good results. It reached the temperature setting quickly and maintained it consistently. While I prefer the Volcano design that is easy to pass between friends, this model was still good. I just thought it was a little annoying that you had to hold your finger over the hole on the glass piece because it made sharing a tiny bit more complicated. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it was something that I definitely noticed. The Arizer Extreme Q is really well made. It comes with a heavy duty power pack that plugs into a three prong outlet. There are also a lot of different accessories included when you first open it up. You get a remote control, two mouth pieces, two bowls, a nice stirring tool made from glass, extra screens, two balloons, a three-foot whip, and a potpourri dish. While it doesn’t come with a battery pack, you can purchase one separately for about $100. It isn’t really necessary unless you plan to take the vaporizer with you while camping. [productful] One of my favorite things about this model is the noise level. Some vaporizers have loud fans, but the Arizer Extreme Q is very quiet even when you have the fan running on the highest setting. I also loved that you could tweak the temperature with ease and it reaches your set temperature within about 30 seconds. While versatility is a huge benefit for this unit, it could also be considered a pitfall by more advanced vapers. It performs well with the balloon or the whip, but if you have one preferred method, you might find a different vaporizer that is more specifically designed around that style. All things considered, I think this model is a good starter option. It lets you try multiple vaping methods and then once you really know what you like best, you can purchase another vaporizer that is more advanced and specialized.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

The Silver Surfer is a high quality desktop vaporizer made by 7th Floor. This company is also well known for Da Buddha vaporizer, but the Silver Surfer is a little more advanced. This model definitely provides a quality vape with thick clouds of vapor and a nice taste. It comes with a 3-year warranty on the electrical components and it seems to hold up well under routine use. The heating element is made from ceramic, but there are some glass parts that could break if you dropped it. However, the slanted design makes it hard to knock over, even if you are a little clumsy like me! Overall, the Silver Surfer is very durable and it won’t break easily.

After hearing several friends praise the Silver Surfer, I was eager to try it. From the moment it arrived, I was impressed. It came in a plain brown box so it’s totally discreet. When I opened up the box, the vaporizer itself was in a red hemp case that was surrounded by packing peanuts for extra protection.

Overall, the Silver Surfer is easy to set up and use. You just add your dry herbs to the wand and screw it into the heating element. Then it’s ready to vape. I felt like this model draws better flavor from my dry herbs than Da Buddha model, which was kind of surprising! I noticed a lot of unique undertones in my regular herbs that I haven’t tasted before. It really gives you a pure, clean taste that is miles above some low-end vaporizers.

In terms of appearance, this vaporizer is really sleek. The slanted design gives it a modern look, but it also has a practical benefit too by making it much less likely that your herbs will fall into the heating element. The Silver Surfer is really simple to clean. Just take a few minutes to clean the wand from time to time or to wipe down the mouthpiece if you share the vaporizer with your roommate or friends.

Another huge perk is the options for customization. You can design your own Silver Surfer Vaporizer in the color you like best or even select a custom image to fit your cover. You get a hand made glass marble pick and temperature nob that really makes this unit unique. You can even add custom engraving if you want! Plus, your unit comes with a nice padded travel bag to protect your glass when you take it on the road. Overall, the SSV is a top pick if you want customization.

I really enjoyed using the Silver Surfer because it gives massive vapor with very little herb. Honestly, a little goes a long way and it hits hard! The only real downside to this model is the price. It’s definitely one of the most expensive vaporizers that I have tried, but for all that customization and the stellar performance, it’s really a good investment in the long run.