Best Pen Vaporizers

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a huge desktop vaporizer just to enjoy your favorite e-liquids and herbs. Pen vaporizers make it easy to vape on the go with a handheld vaporizer that is small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to get you the results you crave. There are dozens of pen vaporizer brands competing for your attention, but only a handful deliver potent vapor at a decent price. At HvyMetal, we spend a lot of time testing pen vaporizers in search of the best options. You can read our detailed reviews to learn about the pros and cons of all of the hottest brands.

All pen vaporizers are built with the same basic three-part design. They are all made with a battery, a mouthpiece, and an atomizer. You can find batteries in a large selection of colors and styles, but some brands will definitely last longer than others. The atomizer is perhaps the most important component because it heats up your e-liquid and turns it into the dense vapor cloud that you inhale when you take a puff.

When you are shopping for the best pen vaporizers, there are several things that you should be looking for. First, you want a durable design. Because you are constantly using a pen vaporizer on the go, it needs to hold up to regular wear and tear. When you are shoving it in pocket between uses, it really has to be durable to hold up over time. Second, it needs to be easy to clean. Pen style vaporizers can be a haven for germs because they are constantly in contact with your hands, your pockets, and even your desk at the office. Keeping it clean will be crucial.

Most importantly, you want a pen style vaporizer that gives you a strong, potent vapor with each puff. That’s where we come in! We will give you a detailed look at all of the top rated pen vaporizers so you can see how they perform without investing your hard earned money on a product that you may or may not love. Check out the pen vaporizers that we recommend most and you are sure to find the best style for your needs.

G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is from a popular brand Grenko Science. It is their latest generation of their portable vaporizers. The box it comes in actually makes a statement too as it is a round cylinder to give it a different look. We tried out this new vaporizer to see if it lived up to the brand and if it matched up well when compared to similarly priced devices. When you open the top of the box, you will see it has foam inserts holding everything in place which acts as a great way to protect the unit in shipping and moving it around. The first thing inside is the actual G Pen Elite Vaporizer. Then there is a smaller box that has the USB charger, a quick start guide, and a chamber tool on a keychain. You also get a “G” card that is actually a grinder for your dry herbs. It’s pretty stable and works well for free. You will also notice that these new devices have a serial number now to prove it is authentic as they have had a lot of problem with knock offs that don’t work well hurting their brand. So make sure you have a serialized kit if you’re buying it. Looking at the actual device, it comes assembled and ready to go. The first thing you’ll notice is the mouthpiece pulls up and off to expose the oven. The chamber is surprisingly deep and it actually does better than the competition for creating the biggest chamber in class. The mouthpiece has a filter on it as well to prevent any materials from coming through when you are vaping. The device itself has a unique shape with good balance and the ergonomics are great as it fits your hand very well. It is very sleek and they have also reduced the height and quality compared to the G Pen Pro previous edition. There is a breach for your finger to rest naturally on that wraps around the unit and then the G at the bottom lights up with use looking great. [productful] Elite_Ground_Matieral-Exploded_Product_Image_600x500_1024x1024 When we went to use the device, we first needed to grind up our herb and have it ready to go in the chamber. We actually used the “G” card to grind it and it did a pretty good job of doing it. It isn’t as fine as you would get with a traditional grinder but for in a pinch it does the job well. To remove the top, grab the device firmly and just pull the top mouthpiece off. It gets easier to do after the first time as well. Next you drop the material into the chamber and use the packing tool to push it down. You tend to not want to pack it super tight, but keeping it snug will improve your performance. Fill it all the way up to the top and close the mouthpiece. Now you’re ready to move on to using it. g-pen-elite-mouthpiece-screen This is a three button operation device. The power is set to be locked from turning on with one click which is a great safety feature as you don’t want it to accidentally be firing in your pocket. You click it five times in a row quickly to turn it on and activate it. Then there are the up and down buttons on the side by the LED screen that shows the temperature. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit by holding the power button and the plus or minus key depending on which one you want to switch it to. You then want to adjust the temperature to what you want based on your preference. We’ve found that higher temperatures are better with the more pack in to the device. It also depends on how familiar your lungs are with vapor as to how hot you want to go to start. It is best to start lower and work your way up if you’re new to vaping. After you’ve selected the temperature you want, you will hold the power button for a second and it will begin to heat up to the set temperature. This takes about 30 seconds to reach depending on the setting. Once you’re reached this point, you’re ready to begin vaping. The vapor payoff was quite impressive for the size of it. You will want to take long and slow draws to get the best results. This takes time and practice to perfect as anyone who vapes can tell you. The device performs so well consistently during the entire session and heat to the touch was never an issue. You will find the middle of the mouthpiece can get a little hot but by wrapping your lips around the mouthpiece, it never really becomes an issue. The device will turn itself off to prevent overheating and issues. So you can always run it again and vape two sessions in a row. I wouldn’t really push it beyond that without waiting to prevent anything from overheating since it does reach pretty high temperatures. 5JDmBxpCQueJXeSPO5bv_packing-the-g-pen-elite-vaporizer Compared to the Pax, we like this better because everything is in the top so it isn’t passing through the device like the Pax has. So the cleaning element afterwards is much easier than the Pax. When using dry herb, it is very comparable to the similarly priced Series 7 from V2 Cigs. The disadvantage to this device is that it doesn’t do all three mediums of liquid, wax, and dry herb that the series 7 can do. However, if you’re a person who only uses dry herb and has no need for concentrates or e-liquids, this device could be perfect for you. It is very worth the money and it has held up over time using it.

VipVape Pdab Review

The vaporizer market has been flooded with vape pens over the past few years, but very few of them are powerful enough to really get me excited. But I recently had a chance to try to the VipVape Pdab and it was simply incredible. Unlike a lot of the cheaply made vapes I’ve tried in the past, this one gives you a lot of customization options. It has a variable voltage battery and 510 threading so you can use it with all your usual accessories. With the ability to tweak the temperature settings, I was quickly able to achieve the perfect amount of vapor from every puff. If you’ve used variable voltage devices in the past, you already know that they tend to give better performance. But the VipVape Pdab went above and beyond with consistently powerful performance. I tried it at a variety of voltage settings and the vapor was strong and tasted great each time. [productful] This vape pen is made to last with a sturdy ceramic core instead of the usual thread wick design. It has a titanium coil that offers powerful vapor production and consistent heating. Plus, I found that it was really simple to load my oil or wax into the chamber because I could just dab them down the sides instead of trying to directly hit the coils, which are located in the bottom of the chamber. It was so much easier to load than most vape pens I’ve tried in the past and because of that, I use this model regularly. Another huge bonus is that the VipVape Pdab comes with a one year battery warranty. Plus if your atomizer goes bad, they have replacements available online. All things considered, you just have to try the Pdab. With variable voltage, thick vapor, and a large loading chamber, it’s a winning choice when you need a new vape pen.

VapeBrothers Dabbler Review

If you haven’t heard of the VapeBrothers Dabbler yet, you must be new to vaping because this vape pen has quickly become a fan favorite. I had to give it a try after reading all the hype about it online and I was actually really impressed with its performance. It arrived in a nice, padded case and it included the stainless steel heating chamber, mouthpiece, battery, a USB charger, and a glass pick. The battery came partially charged so I instantly put it together and gave it a try. The Dabbler is really comfortable to hold and it’s super lightweight at only around half a pound. But even though it’s light, it’s still plenty sturdy. The wick seemed to be great quality and the coil was tightly wound, which I liked. You can really tell a difference in the overall quality when you start to look at the individuals components. Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that it was made in the United States, but the sturdy construction really impressed me from the start. One of the first things I loved about this vape pen is that it is self-cleaning. If you have ever tried to clean out the sticky residue left behind in a tiny vape pen, you know what a headache that can be. But the Dabbler basically cleans itself so you won’t have to worry about that anymore. In terms of performance, I would use one word to describe the Dabbler: consistent. From the first hit to the last, it has powerful performance and good steady vapor production with no funky aftertaste. The mouthpiece was really comfortable and after using the Dabbler, I realized that some of my other mouthpieces were not nearly as comfortable. [productful] Another huge perk of the Dabbler is that you can take off the mouthpiece and use it with a ground glass connection for a bong or bubbler. This opens up a lot of customization from one little vape pen and I think VapeBrothers was really smart in giving people that option. I also liked that the Dabbler comes with a one year warranty on the battery. That’s pretty rare for vape pens and it’s definitely a smart move if you want a vaporizer pen that will last for a long time. Ultimately, the VapeBrothers Dabbler is one of my favorite vape pens that I have ever tried. From the heavy vapor production to the customization options, this one was a win from start to finish. The only downside I found was that you can only use a tiny dab of wax at a time – hence the name Dabbler. While I would personally like a little more room for wax in my vape pen, it was still highly satisfying and I now use it regularly and recommend it to all my friends.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Review

Vape pens are a dime a dozen these days, but if you want a vaporizer that is made with quality in mind, check out the Dr. Dabber Ghost pen. It is very reasonably priced and the kit comes fully stocked with all the goods you need to start vaping right away. There are several features that make the Ghost pen way better than a lot of the typical vape pens we see. One of the things that impressed me most was the ceramic heating chamber. Having ceramic means that you get clean flavors and the vapor is super smooth with each hit. Another big difference is the wick. When you buy a typical vape pen, it will have a cotton wick that can be a beast to change out and they just don’t last very long. But the Dr. Dabber Ghost pen was designed for convenience and it has a center wick made from glass fiber. You won’t have to replace it nearly as often and it burns cleaner. Even the coils are made to a higher standard with heat-resistant titanium. Plus the coils are located in the bottom of the chamber so you can fit more concentrate inside and the heat is distributed more evenly for a better overall vaping experience. A lot of vape pens don’t give you the option of using attachments, but the Ghost pen allows you that possibility with the custom glass dome option. After giving it a try, I have to say that the dome is a must-have because it gives you a good look at just how much vapor this little pen can churn out. Plus the dome offers an incredible hit that is unlike anything I’ve ever gotten from a pen in the past. [productful] I only spotted one drawback to the Ghost pen and that was the plastic mouthpiece. It wasn’t a big deal, but some people really don’t like plastic mouthpieces because they claim it affects the flavor. I couldn’t tell much difference, but if you don’t like plastic mouthpieces, this could be a small issue. Ultimately, I think this vaporizer pen is one of the best out there. I was really impressed with how easy it was to clean and I liked the quality design of the ceramic heating chamber. It’s a sweet deal at less than a hundred dollars and because it is made with quality materials, it will last for months and months of vaping. If you are tired of dealing with changing out cotton wicks and you want to move on up to something with better quality, then you must try the Dr. Dabber Ghost pen. You won’t be disappointed!

Grenco Science Micro G Review

Grenco Science has a lot of loyal fans for their original G-Pen vaporizer, but now they are offering a smaller option called the microG. They describe this new option as “micro in size, yet monumental in capability”. We had high expectations for this product, but did it really deliver in performance? Well, sort of. The overall design of the microG is attractive and sleek. The affordable price tag makes it even more appealing! The microG kit includes everything you need for routine vaping: 2 batteries, 2 tanks, 2 mouthpieces, 5 mouth sleeves, 2 oil containers, a packing tool, and the charging pack. I liked the simple design that is easy to assemble and refill. The battery charges in around 90 minutes and lasts for a full day with frequent use. Overall this vaporizer is lightweight and easy to hold. It is about four inches long and fits easily in your hand. Set up is pretty basic. After your battery is charged and screwed into place, just add your nicotine oil on top of the screen and screw on the mouthpiece. Make sure all of your pieces are completely secure and then push the power button five times to turn it on. The button will flash blue to let you know that it is on. Then hold the button down to activate the heating element. The coil will heat for 15 seconds before it automatically shuts off. If you want to continue to inhale, you will have to press the button again at that point. After using the microG several times, I felt like it was basic enough for even a first time vaper. A tiny bit of wax or oil will go a long way and produce huge clouds of vapor. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to vaporize all of the oil and so residue builds up quickly if you don’t clean it carefully. [productful] While you are vaping, the oil is heated up and turns to a thin liquid. So when you finish vaping and place it back in your pocket or lay it down flat, any leftover liquid will spread out into the mouthpiece or leak over the side. If it accidentally comes apart in your pocket, this creates a nasty mess! Any leftover oil that remains in the bowl is reheated the next time you use the pen. It sounds like you are getting more use from your oil, but you are actually just slowly cooking old oil and that can lead to a horrific smell and it can ruin the taste of the new oils you insert in the vaporizer. So what’s the solution? You have to clean the microG meticulously after every single use. When it comes to performance, the microG was impressive. The vapor was thick and satisfying and it seemed to progressively get better each time you inhale. By the third or fourth draw, it was perfect and smooth.

Atmos Junior Review

Atmos is an industry leader for pen style vaporizers. The Atmos Raw is definitely a fan favorite, but they also have a newer option called the Atmos Junior. This vaporizer is super small and completely discreet at only around 4 inches long. By shrinking down the popular design of the Atmos Raw, the new Junior version is perfect to carry around in your pocket or slip into your purse. In the Atmos Junior, the heating chamber is around half the size of the Raw. The coil is the same size and shape so you still get the powerful performance, even in a tinier design. This model offers a huge benefit to those that prefer to use nicotine wax instead of dry herbs. You can still use the dry herbs in the Junior, but it will only hold a tiny pinch so you can expect around half a dozen draws from each fill. If you like using wax, you will love this vaporizer! Just dab a tiny bit of your nicotine wax on the coil and hold down the power button. Get ready because you are seconds away from massive vapor pulls! While using wax requires more clean-up, I noticed that cleaning the vaporizer after using herbs was effortless. With a ceramic heating chamber, I found that my dry herbs burned clean so there really was no clean up needed. While a lot of the smaller pen vaporizers require little maintenance, this one was absolutely my favorite in terms of cleaning. If you hate doing clean up after vaping herbs, you will love the Atmos Junior. [productful] Now let’s talk about performance. The vapor from the Atmos Junior is thick and satisfying, but I did find that it’s better to hold down the power button in 3-second intervals instead of pressing it for 5-7 seconds straight. The shorter intervals gave me the same thick clouds of vapor, but the taste was cleaner and the vapor was much smoother. Of course, the taste will heavily depend on what kind of herbs or waxes you use, but I found that I preferred the shorter 3-second intervals with every material I used. Overall, the Atmos Junior is a great new addition to your vaping gear. I love the small size because it is portable and discreet. Most of all, I really like that the Junior gives me the same power as the Raw in a smaller package so it’s perfect for using nicotine waxes. If you are looking for a pen style vaporizer for dry herbs, I would recommend that you go with the Atmos Raw. However, if you want to use the wax, the Junior is far superior and easier to use.

Atmos Raw Review

The Atmos Raw is a pen style vaporizer that offers you a handheld, portable option that is easily carried during your busy day-to-day routine. This is a sleek model with an attractive design that is really discreet. Honestly, no one will notice that you have a vaporizer on your desk unless you tell them. It just looks like a funky pen! The kit comes fully loaded with everything you need to start vaping and a cleaning brush to make sure you keep your vaporizer is top working condition. After using the Atmos Raw for a while, I was impressed with its overall performance. It’s really easy to use and set up is basic, even for a first time vaper. Just charge the battery and then screw on the heating chamber. Next, you drop in the glass screen and load it up with your dry herbs. Keep in mind that a little bit of dry herb goes a long way in this vaporizer so don’t overfill it. You definitely want to use less herb because overpacking will impact the ability for it to heat evenly and ultimately, you will get an inconsistent vape. Just go with the motto that less is more! I found that using extra fine herbs gave me the best vape. Once you have the herbs loaded, just screw on the mouthpiece and press the power button until the bottom lights up. Then it’s ready to vape! [productful] The Atmos Raw heats up within 10 seconds and it has a built in shut off feature that keeps the temperature in a safe range. Before you use it, it’s important to fully charge the battery and that can take up to six hours. My battery came partially charged so it only took two hours for it to be ready to use. I found that a fully charged battery would last for about three days, or 50+ draws. Compared to a lot of other pen style vaporizers, that is really amazing! Caring for this vaporizer is easy. The glass screen is the key that makes maintenance really simple! After each use, just disconnect the battery and use the cleaning brush included in your kit to remove any debris or built up residue on your screen. You can wipe down the mouthpiece with a moist paper towel.

White Rhino Trifecta Review

White Rhino is well known for their Dube vaporizer, but they also offer a pen-style called the Trifecta. It is a really versatile model that allows you to use nicotine oils, nicotine waxes, and dry herbs all in the same unit. It is both discreet and very easy to use with simple one-touch activation. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to provide you with an awesome vape so this model is really a winner all the way around. One of the big perks of the Trifecta is the robust loading cartridge. It’s easy to fill and works well with oils, waxes, and herbs. A lot of people complain that pen-styles don’t give you much vape time before you have to stop and refill, but if you use nicotine oils or wax rather than dry herb, it extends your vape time. That’s definitely a nice feature that is unique to the Trifecta. After trying the Trifecta out a few times, I was really pleased with its performance. It heats up in under a minute and the produced strong vapor with a clean taste. This vaporizer is really durable and it holds up well for routine use. I also love that you can order it in three different colors: black, charcoal, or blue. The Trifecta comes with a 90-day warranty on the heating element and you can purchase an extended warranty, which is always a good idea. Paying a little extra for an extended warranty doesn’t cost much, but it can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run! [productful] So what makes the Trifecta stand out from other pen style vaporizers? I think the versatility is what makes this model truly amazing. By giving you the option of using three different methods (oil, wax, or dry herbs), White Rhino definitely stepped up their game! I tried all three materials in my Trifecta and it the performance was stellar with all of them. Cleaning the chamber is really simple and the kit comes with the reloadable cartridges so it’s easy to set up and start vaping. Considering the small size, this vaporizer really produces a huge amount of vapor. I loved the compact design and the portability. Sometimes it’s just not practical to take a huge vaporizer with you, but it’s really effortless to slip your Trifecta in your pocket or purse.

iTaste VV Vaporizer Review

Most vape pens have the same basic design, so it’s rare to come across one that’s really different than all the others. But the iTaste VV is one of those rare jewels that really caught my eye and made me fall in love with pen vapes all over again. It is beautifully designed with a square shape and only slightly rounded edged. It’s small at only four inches tall and made from solid zinc metal. When I first held it, I was really surprised at how solid it felt. It’s really made with quality in mind and it shows by just how sturdy it feels in your hand. I also really loved the backlit LED screen and control panel. It just feels high tech from the moment you pick it up. While it is definitely attractive, performance is what matters most and the iTaste VV didn’t disappoint. In fact, it went way beyond what I would typically expect to find from such a tiny little vape pen. It heats up the oil quickly and hits hard and fast. This powerful little pen gives a great smooth taste with no metallic aftertaste, which is a huge perk. I was really excited that the iTaste gives you variable voltage options. You can adjust from 3.3 to 5.0 volts and the wattage can be adjusted from 6 to 11. The customization is really perfect and it comes with a manual that helps walk you through the settings and how to program it correctly to get your perfect vape. As an added bonus, the iTaste even includes a neat puff counter feature. [productful] This pen comes with only the basics, but you can buy extra attachments if you want more. You can choose from an herbal atomizer, concentrate atomizer, and the e-juice clearomizer. They also offer bubbler and bong attachments. My favorite was the bubbler, which only requires a tiny bit of water and gives you massive vapor clouds with every puff. You can even use third party attachments if you prefer. The iTaste has 510 threads so most basic attachments will work. I thought the battery performance was great with this vape pen. I can typically get dozens of puffs before I need to recharge. I like that the power button has a color indicator so I can quickly see when my charge is getting low and then I just plug it in using the micro USB port to recharge. Ultimately, I highly recommend the iTaste VV vape pen. It offers a lot of customization options and even at its most basic, it has powerful performance that won’t disappoint. If you want an oil pen, this is the one I would recommend.