Magic-Flight Launch Box Review

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a completely unique spin on a portable vaporizer. It is one of a kind with an unforgettable design that really stands out from competitors. It is actually a small wooden box and there are four holes. Even though the design looks really simplistic, it is extremely effective and it is made with quality materials that hold up well with frequent use.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is powered with rechargeable AA batteries. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, but it provides huge clouds of vapor. When I first tried this device, I was surprised at how easy it was to set it up and start vaping. You just insert the battery and add your dry herbs to the trench. You can use it with or without the mouthpiece depending on your preference. It fills up with vapor in a matter of seconds and then you can inhale directly from the front of the device or you can use the mouthpiece.

To get the best performance from the Launch Box, you should use finely ground herbs. It won’t work as well with really moist herbs or large pieces. A good finishing grinder comes in handy if you use the launch box on a regular basis. Once you are finished vaping, make sure you clean the device really well by wiping down the screen and removing any leftover herbs.

After using the launch box for a while, I found that it is really one of my favorite portable vaporizers. It works well in practically any environment. Even if you are outdoors and it’s really windy, you can still get a good vape. A little bit of dry herb will go a long way with this device so it’s really a great way to stretch your favorite blends and make them last.

The only real downside of the launch box is that it can dry your lips out if you aren’t using a mouthpiece. When you press your mouth on the pine box over and over, they get dry. But if you use chapstick, the hole is slimy. The good news is that the launch box comes with a straw that you place in the hole. It helps you eliminate dry lips and makes it more conducive to sharing.

Another important thing to note is that you have to hold the battery constantly while using the launch box. It acts like a power switch. When you push on the battery, the pressure causes it to make contact and turn the vaporizer on. If you aren’t pushing the battery, you get no vapor. It’s an easy mistake to make, but once you get the hang of vaping with the launch box, you won’t even notice the difference.

Pax by Ploom Review

Sometimes a desktop vaporizer just isn’t convenient, but you don’t want to sacrifice performance just for the sake of portability. That’s when the Pax by Ploom comes in handy. This vaporizer is small enough to fit in your pocket and more affordable than the large desktop models. After testing a ton of portable vaporizers, the Pax is still one of my favorites!

The first thing I noticed about the Pax is the size. It is really compact at only about 4 inches long, but the design is really sleek and it’s made to be durable. The overall design is really intuitive with a magnetized lid on the bottom that covers your heating element and keeps your herbs in place. On the top, the mouthpiece pops out and automatically activates the heating element. To get the best results, you want to use finely ground herbs and pack them down into the bowl on the bottom on the unit. After you load in your dry herbs, just press on the mouthpiece to activate the vaporizer. The star-shaped light will glow purple while it heats up and then after around 30 seconds, it will change to green, indicating that the Pax is ready to vape.

Ploom designed the Pax to give you power to adjust the temperature. Just pull the mouthpiece off and there is a lighted button that controls the temperature settings. Just press the button to cycle to a different mode. You can choose from low, medium, or high heat. Experiment with the different settings to find the best option for your blend of herbs. I keep mine on the highest level only and it never really gets hot to the touch, at least the part you hold doesn’t. Perhaps the bottom of the oven may get hot, but it’s usually contained within the oven chamber.

Another cool component of the Pax design is the built in motion sensor that recognizes when you set the vaporizer down. When you put it down, the Pax automatically lowers the heat level, but when you pick it back up, the heating element will instantly kick back into gear and get hot again within seconds. The motion sensor also makes it easy to check your battery level. Just shake the unit and the indicator light will blink green to show that it is charged or red to show that it’s running low. Each time you charge the battery, it should last most of the day.

The big advantage to the Pax is the small size and discreet design. You don’t need to worry about any cartridges or e-liquids. Just insert your dry herbs and you are ready to start vaping. Keeping it clean is simple thanks to Ploom’s design and screens that are easy to replace.

One big difference between the Pax and other portable vaporizers is the actual vapor. While it doesn’t produce smoke, you do get clouds of vapor but they aren’t massive. On one hand, this could be a huge benefit because it makes it more discreet. On the other hand, it eliminates the experience of blowing out a gigantic cloud of vapor that many vapers enjoy. It offers a low profile vape, which I personally think is a big plus!

DaVinci Ascent Review

The DaVinci Ascent is a cutting edge portable vaporizer that makes it possible to use nicotine oils and concentrates without clogging up your equipment. It works well for dry herbs or oils so you can use this multipurpose unit for all your vaping needs! We’ve found that most portable vaporizers are designed to use with either herbs or oils, but this model lets you use either one. It’s almost like buying two different products at once so even though it is one of the more expensive portable vaporizers, you really get your money’s worth in terms of use.

From the moment I received my Ascent, I was impressed with the overall design. It is stylish and sleek and I love the glass mouthpiece that pulls out like a straw. This model also has a glass vapor path, which is common for desktop vaporizers but really rare in the portable versions. That is definitely a big bonus because the glass components really let flavor shine through. Ascent also steps up their design with a digital display that allows you to adjust the temperature with precision. The three-button controls are easy to use and it really looks cool in hand. It’s about the size and weight of your typical electric razor. It feels a little heavier than expected, but that’s really not a problem because it is ultra durable.

When I first tried out the Ascent, I was a little surprised by the level of vapor it produced. It was really dense and powerful from the first draw. It heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature from start to finish. My favorite thing about this vaporizer is the versatility. It works well for pretty much any vaping enthusiast, whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

The only real downside is that it does need regular maintenance, especially if you are using oils or waxes that get sticky. While the Ascent comes with rubber vial covers that are meant to prevent your hot oils from traveling up the vapor pathway, I found that it doesn’t work 100 percent of the time. As a result, you can end up with a jammed unit and a bunch of sticky resin to clean up after vaping. The good news is that the damage is reversible. Just do a quick warm up to around 120 degrees and it will loosen up the residue and make it pretty easy to clean up with some cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. If you are using oils and waxes, make sure you clean it thoroughly after every single use. If you are using the Ascent with dry herbs, you can probably get away with less frequent cleaning.

Iolite Original Review

If you are shopping for a portable vaporizer that is powerful and affordable, the Iolite Original is a good choice. It looks similar to a handheld radio, but it’s actually a vaporizer that you can carry around without drawing a lot of attention. This vaporizer is really unique because it’s powered by butane. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of charging up batteries or plugging your vaporizer into a wall outlet, you might want to explore this option. Butane is easy to find at any convenience store.

This device is extremely durable and as long as you clean it properly, it holds up well for daily use. I found that it heats up quickly and has just a slight hissing noise while in use. It’s quiet enough that someone in the next room won’t be able to hear it. It produces consistently large clouds of vapor, but my favorite thing about the Iolite is the way the taste of your dry herbs really shines. I could detect the subtle differences in flavors that often go unnoticed with some lower end vaporizers.

If the butane component scares you, there is no need to worry! The main benefit of butane is that you are not dependent on electricity so your vaporizer is really portable. It’s perfect for camping! I found that with each butane fill, I could vape around six times with each vaping session lasting around 15 minutes. So basically, you can expect an hour and a half of vape time for each butane refill. To fill the Iolite, you just hold the butane upside down and fit the nozzle onto the end of the fill valve. Push down and the butane will flow down into the chamber. You will hear or see the gas starting to overflow when it gets full. Be ready because it only takes a few seconds! After you fill it up, let it rest for a few minutes before you start vaping. This is the perfect time to get your dry herbs prepared and packed in the chamber.

Once your herbs are in the chamber and the butane has settled for a few minutes, it’s time to start vaping. Flip the side switch from 0 to 1 to give it some gas. Then push the igniter switch. You might have to hit the switch a few times before it actually ignites, but once it is going, your heating element will be ready within about 45 seconds. As you vape, the Iolite will automatically engage the heater intermittently to hold a consistent temperature. When the heater is going, it makes that little hissing sounds and the noise stops when the heater stops. It will go on and off as you vape, but that is normal. This is how the Iolite regulates your temperature.

Overall, the Iolite performs well. Dealing with Butane isn’t something that I prefer on a daily basis, but it’s definitely a handy vaporizer to keep for camping or times when you don’t have access to electricity. I did notice the smell of Butane a few times while vaping, but I never tasted it. If the smell of gas bothers you, that aspect could potentially be a huge turn off.