Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer Review

The Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer is one of our favorite products we have ever reviewed for portable devices. With this device, you will receive the air multi-purpose micro-heater, the air battery (18650 battery), a charger / power adapter, glass aroma tube with a tip, glass aroma dish, belt-clip carry case, clear protective silicone skin, silicone stem caps, stainless steel stirring tool, sample aromatic botanicals, and an owner’s manual. So they literally give you everything you need to use this from the get go. We anticipate most of you will have products you can use instead of the included aromatic botanicals, but it is nice they include it for testing it out.


The Arizer Air is smaller than you would think by looking at it. It is just under 5 inches in height and is about an inch in diameter. It has the heat chamber at the top that opens and closes very easily for loading and packing the device. A very unique feature to this device is that it uses 18650 batteries which are incredibly common in vaping (electronic cigarettes) and it can be changed on the go. The reason we love this feature is because everyone knows you can get a little lazy when vaping certain herbs and forget to charge your device and that can leave you without a charge. You can easily find 18650 batteries in pairs for cheap (around $20 or less) and get an independent charger so one will always be charged and ready to go. You can also plug in the device to charge it, but we recommend getting some extra batteries for the reasons we just mentioned.

When you’re using the device, you’ll get 1 hour of actual vaping time which may not sound like a lot, but the device features a 10-minute cutoff time safety feature. So with each charged battery, you will be able to vape 6 times. The 10 minutes will be more than enough to satisfy you as well if you haven’t vaped dry herb before and were curious. That’s why if you have 2-4 batteries, you can always be prepared and ready for longer trips away from outlets.

This device is very similar to the Solo in the function of the device. The Solo came with seven temperature settings and this one has 5. You hold the button until the light flashes and then select the temperature you want to use. The blue indicator shows you that it is operating at 356°F, white is operating at 374°F, green is operating at 392°F, orange is operating at 401°F, and lastly red is operating at 410°F. What we’ve found was that the tighter you pack the device, the higher the temperature you will need. There is also some variation in how used to vapor your lungs are and you’ll want to start out lower and work your way up as you begin using this so you don’t waste any dry herb.


Before you use it, you should heat up the device at the highest temperature and then let it cycle once and put each glass chamber in at that point when the metal is expanded. This will allow it to fit better when you use it going forward. When you’re ready to actually use it, you want to load one of the glass chambers with your herb material that is ground up as best as possible.

So once you have the material loaded you’ll just put the glass chamber into the main device and turn on the heat at the setting you prefer. As it heats up, the vapor amount will increase and you’ll get better hits from it. It usually takes about a minute to reach optimal temperature and we find that you get better effects from vaping vs smoking, so as mentioned above the 10 minutes should be more than good enough for you. The device also comes with a glass attachment to vape essential oils and concentrates if that is what you prefer.


We recommend you put the skin on the device to protect it. Since there are glass pieces involved, you should remove the glass pieces and pack them in the travel device or original packaging to make sure nothing breaks.

Overall, this is a great unit because the glass pathway to vapor gives you the truest flavor comparable to other glass devices and desktop models. The benefit of this is that it is very portable while still delivering that flavor. You will get solid vapor payoff and the removable batteries are another key benefit to this device. It is also really easy to clean and it the device will last you a long time.

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