Atmos Junior Vaporizer Review

Atmos is an industry leader for pen style vaporizers. The Atmos Raw is definitely a fan favorite, but they also have a newer option called the Atmos Junior. This vaporizer is super small and completely discreet at only around 4 inches long. By shrinking down the popular design of the Atmos Raw, the new Junior version is perfect to carry around in your pocket or slip into your purse.

In the Atmos Junior, the heating chamber is around half the size of the Raw. The coil is the same size and shape so you still get the powerful performance, even in a tinier design. This model offers a huge benefit to those that prefer to use nicotine wax instead of dry herbs. You can still use the dry herbs in the Junior, but it will only hold a tiny pinch so you can expect around half a dozen draws from each fill. If you like using wax, you will love this vaporizer! Just dab a tiny bit of your nicotine wax on the coil and hold down the power button. Get ready because you are seconds away from massive vapor pulls!

While using wax requires more clean-up, I noticed that cleaning the vaporizer after using herbs was effortless. With a ceramic heating chamber, I found that my dry herbs burned clean so there really was no clean up needed. While a lot of the smaller pen vaporizers require little maintenance, this one was absolutely my favorite in terms of cleaning. If you hate doing clean up after vaping herbs, you will love the Atmos Junior.


Now let’s talk about performance. The vapor from the Atmos Junior is thick and satisfying, but I did find that it’s better to hold down the power button in 3-second intervals instead of pressing it for 5-7 seconds straight. The shorter intervals gave me the same thick clouds of vapor, but the taste was cleaner and the vapor was much smoother. Of course, the taste will heavily depend on what kind of herbs or waxes you use, but I found that I preferred the shorter 3-second intervals with every material I used.

Overall, the Atmos Junior is a great new addition to your vaping gear. I love the small size because it is portable and discreet. Most of all, I really like that the Junior gives me the same power as the Raw in a smaller package so it’s perfect for using nicotine waxes. If you are looking for a pen style vaporizer for dry herbs, I would recommend that you go with the Atmos Raw. However, if you want to use the wax, the Junior is far superior and easier to use.

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