Atmos Raw Review

The Atmos Raw is a pen style vaporizer that offers you a handheld, portable option that is easily carried during your busy day-to-day routine. This is a sleek model with an attractive design that is really discreet. Honestly, no one will notice that you have a vaporizer on your desk unless you tell them. It just looks like a funky pen! The kit comes fully loaded with everything you need to start vaping and a cleaning brush to make sure you keep your vaporizer is top working condition.

After using the Atmos Raw for a while, I was impressed with its overall performance. It’s really easy to use and set up is basic, even for a first time vaper. Just charge the battery and then screw on the heating chamber. Next, you drop in the glass screen and load it up with your dry herbs. Keep in mind that a little bit of dry herb goes a long way in this vaporizer so don’t overfill it. You definitely want to use less herb because overpacking will impact the ability for it to heat evenly and ultimately, you will get an inconsistent vape. Just go with the motto that less is more! I found that using extra fine herbs gave me the best vape. Once you have the herbs loaded, just screw on the mouthpiece and press the power button until the bottom lights up. Then it’s ready to vape!

The Atmos Raw heats up within 10 seconds and it has a built in shut off feature that keeps the temperature in a safe range. Before you use it, it’s important to fully charge the battery and that can take up to six hours. My battery came partially charged so it only took two hours for it to be ready to use. I found that a fully charged battery would last for about three days, or 50+ draws. Compared to a lot of other pen style vaporizers, that is really amazing!

Caring for this vaporizer is easy. The glass screen is the key that makes maintenance really simple! After each use, just disconnect the battery and use the cleaning brush included in your kit to remove any debris or built up residue on your screen. You can wipe down the mouthpiece with a moist paper towel.

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