Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

Made by 7th Floor, Da Buddha Vaporizer is a popular choice among seasoned vapers. You might know this company for their other popular model called the Silver Surfer. We like Da Buddha because it is more affordable than the Silver Surfer, but has similar parts and performance. It really offers the same awesome vaping experience without the customization options. However, you can still add cool accessories like glass knobs, wands, or mouth pieces if you want to set your vaporizer apart from others.

After taking Da Buddha for a test drive, I have to say that I was surprised by how well it performed! While I’ve been a big fan of the Volcano for years, Da Buddha provides a really satisfactory vape and the price tag makes it even more appealing. It is really a perfect solution for someone that wants a quality desktop vaporizer without dropping a ton of money on their first unit.

When my vaporizer arrived, it was packaged well with plenty of padding to protect the delicate glass pieces. My kit included the vaporizer, a great travel bag with lots of padding, 3 screens, tubing, a stir stick, and a wand. Setting up Da Buddha was really simple. Just plug it in and set your temperature. Give it a few minutes to heat up and then fill the wand with your herbs. Place the wand in the heat cover and then inhale through the mouthpiece. It’s really fool-proof, even if it’s your first time using a desktop vaporizer.

In terms of appearance, Da Buddha is attractive, but it isn’t flashy. The basic unit is silver, but you can upgrade to the black model for $20 more. It has a dial for adjusting the temperature and there is no digital screen. As a result, you might have to play with a little to figure out how to set it at the exact temperature you like best, but over all, it’s not a big problem and certainly not a deal breaker. If the dial worries you, just start by turning it on and slowly inch the dial up until the vapor production is at the level you prefer.

The only real downside to Da Buddha is the horizontal positioning of the herb chamber. You have to consciously keep your material flat so that your herbs don’t fall into the heating element. Some people prefer the Silver Surfer over Da Buddha because it has an angled heating element to prevent this problem. Overall though, it won’t ruin your vape as long as you pay attention while you are using it.

I found that this vaporizer has good consistent vapor production and a nice, clean taste. It draws smooth and works well for regular daily use. Thanks to the carrying case, I have packed up Da Buddha and taken it with me on road trips on several occasions.

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