Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

The Firefly vaporizer was a popular portable vaporizer in 2014 and at the time, it was great. However, things have changed technology-wise and the Firefly 2 is much better and a very improved device. The new Firefly 2 is 33% smaller, 55% lighter, and provides much better battery life compared to the previous version. At a price point of over $300, we’re going to be expecting a lot more from this device.

The key that separates this device from others is its heating method. It heats up in seconds to deliver vapor, while others take a minute or more depending on the vaporizer we’re talking about. The design seems like it’s kind of modeled after a USB Dongle, only supersized. It makes it incredibly portable and the form factor is ideal for using it with the mouthpiece coming off the main unit.


You can buy this device in multiple colors: black, blue, gold, red, and white. Our personal favorite is the white because it gives it a fresh look. In the box you will also get 2 rechargeable batteries, a charging dock, a USB 3.0 cable, a cleaning kit, and 3 concentration pads.

The Firefly 2 has fingertip touch sensors on the side that activate the unit and begin to heat it up to 400° F in 3 seconds or less! That is shockingly fast and truly heats up as fast as they say. There is no false advertising here. It is able to do this through convection technology and it heats the bowl up that is near the top of the device.


The really great thing about the convection technology being so responsive with the heat up time, is that it actually utilizes a dynamic heating process that only heats your material when you inhale. So you will get all the flavors and aromas right when they are released and you won’t waste any material. This is a unit that will start paying for itself in what it saves you in consumed product.

The mouthpiece is made of glass to ensure maximum flavor and has a glass pathway all the way to your mouth. This not only improves the flavor, but it also makes it really easy to clean out. The bowl has a magnetic lid over it to give it a clean look and you can see it glow when it’s working. Overall, this is a stunningly beautiful vaporizer compared to any other one we’ve seen.


As far as the battery and heater are concerned, you will be getting about 5-6 bowls per charge and the heater will be much more responsive and precise, creating a better device all around. Getting two batteries included with this device is expected at this price point because you never want to be without a charge. The device uses USB 3.0 cables and has a charging dock to charge it much more rapidly than devices using the USB 2.0 technology. The device has two small connection points on the back that pass the charge through when it is docked on the unit. The device will charge in 45 minutes and can be plugged into any phone or tablet charger as well. These seemingly small details make for a huge gain in user experience.

This device also is capable of syncing with your phone on the free Firefly app. You can select from six preset temperatures and customize the touch sensor activation making it one of the most precise units we’ve ever used.
This device does an amazing job with concentrates and dry herb. The vapor payoff is far better than we expected and when you sync it with the app, you get great control over the experience that is best for you. The denser the bowl is packed, the higher you will want to have the temperature set. It also is wise to start out lower when you begin if you’re new to vaping and work your way up as your lungs may take some time to adjust to the difference from smoke. Take long, slow draws to get the maximum vapor payoff.

Overall, this device totally exceeded our expectations, even when compared to the price point. It is worth every penny and while we understand it is a lot, if you have the money, buy this unit. I actually like this more than the V2 Pro Series 7 and the Pax 2 combined. This is the best portable vaporizer on the market and warrants consideration as one of the best vaporizers on the market period.

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