G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is from a popular brand Grenko Science. It is their latest generation of their portable vaporizers. The box it comes in actually makes a statement too as it is a round cylinder to give it a different look. We tried out this new vaporizer to see if it lived up to the brand and if it matched up well when compared to similarly priced devices.

When you open the top of the box, you will see it has foam inserts holding everything in place which acts as a great way to protect the unit in shipping and moving it around. The first thing inside is the actual G Pen Elite Vaporizer. Then there is a smaller box that has the USB charger, a quick start guide, and a chamber tool on a keychain. You also get a “G” card that is actually a grinder for your dry herbs. It’s pretty stable and works well for free. You will also notice that these new devices have a serial number now to prove it is authentic as they have had a lot of problem with knock offs that don’t work well hurting their brand. So make sure you have a serialized kit if you’re buying it.

Looking at the actual device, it comes assembled and ready to go. The first thing you’ll notice is the mouthpiece pulls up and off to expose the oven. The chamber is surprisingly deep and it actually does better than the competition for creating the biggest chamber in class. The mouthpiece has a filter on it as well to prevent any materials from coming through when you are vaping. The device itself has a unique shape with good balance and the ergonomics are great as it fits your hand very well. It is very sleek and they have also reduced the height and quality compared to the G Pen Pro previous edition. There is a breach for your finger to rest naturally on that wraps around the unit and then the G at the bottom lights up with use looking great.


When we went to use the device, we first needed to grind up our herb and have it ready to go in the chamber. We actually used the “G” card to grind it and it did a pretty good job of doing it. It isn’t as fine as you would get with a traditional grinder but for in a pinch it does the job well. To remove the top, grab the device firmly and just pull the top mouthpiece off. It gets easier to do after the first time as well. Next you drop the material into the chamber and use the packing tool to push it down. You tend to not want to pack it super tight, but keeping it snug will improve your performance. Fill it all the way up to the top and close the mouthpiece. Now you’re ready to move on to using it.


This is a three button operation device. The power is set to be locked from turning on with one click which is a great safety feature as you don’t want it to accidentally be firing in your pocket. You click it five times in a row quickly to turn it on and activate it. Then there are the up and down buttons on the side by the LED screen that shows the temperature. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit by holding the power button and the plus or minus key depending on which one you want to switch it to. You then want to adjust the temperature to what you want based on your preference. We’ve found that higher temperatures are better with the more pack in to the device. It also depends on how familiar your lungs are with vapor as to how hot you want to go to start. It is best to start lower and work your way up if you’re new to vaping. After you’ve selected the temperature you want, you will hold the power button for a second and it will begin to heat up to the set temperature. This takes about 30 seconds to reach depending on the setting.

Once you’re reached this point, you’re ready to begin vaping. The vapor payoff was quite impressive for the size of it. You will want to take long and slow draws to get the best results. This takes time and practice to perfect as anyone who vapes can tell you. The device performs so well consistently during the entire session and heat to the touch was never an issue. You will find the middle of the mouthpiece can get a little hot but by wrapping your lips around the mouthpiece, it never really becomes an issue. The device will turn itself off to prevent overheating and issues. So you can always run it again and vape two sessions in a row. I wouldn’t really push it beyond that without waiting to prevent anything from overheating since it does reach pretty high temperatures.


Compared to the Pax, we like this better because everything is in the top so it isn’t passing through the device like the Pax has. So the cleaning element afterwards is much easier than the Pax. When using dry herb, it is very comparable to the similarly priced Series 7 from V2 Cigs. The disadvantage to this device is that it doesn’t do all three mediums of liquid, wax, and dry herb that the series 7 can do. However, if you’re a person who only uses dry herb and has no need for concentrates or e-liquids, this device could be perfect for you. It is very worth the money and it has held up over time using it.

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