HerbalAire Vaporizer Review

The HerbalAire vaporizer is not only beautiful, but it offers powerful performance and plenty of options for the experienced vaper. This is a desktop unit that was designed in Canada and it can be used with balloons or whips to get the perfect vaping experience. I absolutely loved the look of the HerbalAire with its sleek design. In fact, I don’t mind leaving it out on my desk even when I have people over.

This vaporizer is made with a unique design because the fans inside power the vapor out through the balloon or whip. The fans only come on when you are filling a balloon or inhaling from the whip so you aren’t wasting energy or burning up the fan during dead time between puffs. The design is really user-friendly and the outer shell is created from a Teflon material to keep it from getting hot to the touch even when the wire-heating element reaches scorching temperatures.

The HerbalAire has an automatic shut off feature, which is a nice bonus for safety. You turn it on by simply turning the nob and you also use the same little nob to control the temperature. It’s pretty straight forward to use! The built in climate control feature keeps your heat regulated at the temperature you desire with very little fluctuations. Even if you are vaping in a freezing cold room, this vaporizer will stay at the temperature you set it because it is so well made.

When you buy the HerbalAire, it comes with all the basics but you have to purchase attachments separately. I thought it was perfect just as it arrived, but if you like the option of using other attachments, they are always available. This vaporizer is simple enough that even beginning vapers can handle it, but it performs well enough to keep you satisfied even if you have been vaping for a while.


One of my favorite things about this particular model is the chamber. It can be easily removed so clean up is so much easier! If you have used many desktop vaporizers in the past, you know that it can be really difficult to get them clean after use, but the HerbalAire makes it way easier with a removable chamber.

In terms of price, this one is middle of the road for a desktop unit at around $250. I think it’s well worth every dime because you get a well-designed vaporizer with stellar vapor production. Plus it’s so intuitive that anyone can use it. This would be one of my top choices for a desktop vaporizer for beginners, but I think even seasoned vapers will be more than satisfied with the HerbalAire.

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