Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer

For as long as I can remember, Volcano has been the brand to beat in the world in the world of desktop vaporizers. Nothing else has ever come close to the quality of the Volcano… until now. The new Herbalizer was designed by former NASA engineers and it is truly incredible. It is an all-in-one desktop vaping system with dual functionality so you can use it for vaping or for aromatherapy.

The Herbalizer offers plenty of options. You can use it with herbs, concentrates, or essential oils. While the heating element is extremely powerful, the fan is whisper quiet so it doesn’t sound like you are launching a rocket every time you sit down for a vape. The design is sleek and attractive so you won’t feel uncomfortable if someone pops over for a visit and it’s sitting out on the coffee table.

This is one of the best American-made vaporizers and it has a modern design that is almost futuristic. It’s super lightweight at only two pounds and it’s compact enough to stick in a drawer when not in use. The lid flips up to show the control panel and the herb chamber and the whip stays in place when you wrap it along the outside edge. There is even a separate compartment in the lid where you can stash your supplies. I love that it makes it possible to keep all your vaping gear in one compact place so you are never stuck looking around for your oils and concentrates and you are always ready to start vaping whenever the urge hits.

I was really impressed with the heating element in the Herbalizer! It only takes five seconds for it to heat to 380 degress. Incredible, right? The control panel is easy to use and it didn’t take me long to figure out all the functions. It automatically boots up when you open the lid and then you can select whether you want to use the Herbalizer for vaping or aromatherapy. Then the unit will instantly heat to the correct temperature. If you are using it for aromatherapy, it even lets you set a timer and fan speed so you can turn it on and leave it with no more worries about turning it off later.

When you use the Herbalizer to vape, you can set the heat at the temperature you like best with options ranging from 290 to 445 degrees. You can also set the fan on or off. You can use this vaporizer with whips or bags and I tried both, but found the bags to be the best option. I was surprised to see the bags would fill in under 20 seconds and each one holds two liters of vapor! If you’re a newbie, that’s a lot! Each bowl can fill two whole bags.

The only real downside I found was the upper lid covering the storage compartment. It seemed to be a little flimsy. Since this unit is pretty expensive, I would love to see that aspect redesigned to give it a sturdier feel.

All things considered, I actually thing the Herbalizer is worth the high price tag. It comes with a 5-year quality guarantee and a two year limited warranty. The designers claim that the bulb will last for 20 years so you are really making a long-term purchase with this unit. If you are tired of settling for mediocre desktop vapes, then give the Herbalizer a try. It’s an investment that you will really enjoy for a long time.

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