Iolite Original Review

If you are shopping for a portable vaporizer that is powerful and affordable, the Iolite Original is a good choice. It looks similar to a handheld radio, but it’s actually a vaporizer that you can carry around without drawing a lot of attention. This vaporizer is really unique because it’s powered by butane. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of charging up batteries or plugging your vaporizer into a wall outlet, you might want to explore this option. Butane is easy to find at any convenience store.

This device is extremely durable and as long as you clean it properly, it holds up well for daily use. I found that it heats up quickly and has just a slight hissing noise while in use. It’s quiet enough that someone in the next room won’t be able to hear it. It produces consistently large clouds of vapor, but my favorite thing about the Iolite is the way the taste of your dry herbs really shines. I could detect the subtle differences in flavors that often go unnoticed with some lower end vaporizers.

If the butane component scares you, there is no need to worry! The main benefit of butane is that you are not dependent on electricity so your vaporizer is really portable. It’s perfect for camping! I found that with each butane fill, I could vape around six times with each vaping session lasting around 15 minutes. So basically, you can expect an hour and a half of vape time for each butane refill. To fill the Iolite, you just hold the butane upside down and fit the nozzle onto the end of the fill valve. Push down and the butane will flow down into the chamber. You will hear or see the gas starting to overflow when it gets full. Be ready because it only takes a few seconds! After you fill it up, let it rest for a few minutes before you start vaping. This is the perfect time to get your dry herbs prepared and packed in the chamber.

Once your herbs are in the chamber and the butane has settled for a few minutes, it’s time to start vaping. Flip the side switch from 0 to 1 to give it some gas. Then push the igniter switch. You might have to hit the switch a few times before it actually ignites, but once it is going, your heating element will be ready within about 45 seconds. As you vape, the Iolite will automatically engage the heater intermittently to hold a consistent temperature. When the heater is going, it makes that little hissing sounds and the noise stops when the heater stops. It will go on and off as you vape, but that is normal. This is how the Iolite regulates your temperature.

Overall, the Iolite performs well. Dealing with Butane isn’t something that I prefer on a daily basis, but it’s definitely a handy vaporizer to keep for camping or times when you don’t have access to electricity. I did notice the smell of Butane a few times while vaping, but I never tasted it. If the smell of gas bothers you, that aspect could potentially be a huge turn off.

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