iTaste VV Vaporizer Review

Most vape pens have the same basic design, so it’s rare to come across one that’s really different than all the others. But the iTaste VV is one of those rare jewels that really caught my eye and made me fall in love with pen vapes all over again. It is beautifully designed with a square shape and only slightly rounded edged. It’s small at only four inches tall and made from solid zinc metal. When I first held it, I was really surprised at how solid it felt. It’s really made with quality in mind and it shows by just how sturdy it feels in your hand. I also really loved the backlit LED screen and control panel. It just feels high tech from the moment you pick it up.

While it is definitely attractive, performance is what matters most and the iTaste VV didn’t disappoint. In fact, it went way beyond what I would typically expect to find from such a tiny little vape pen. It heats up the oil quickly and hits hard and fast. This powerful little pen gives a great smooth taste with no metallic aftertaste, which is a huge perk.

I was really excited that the iTaste gives you variable voltage options. You can adjust from 3.3 to 5.0 volts and the wattage can be adjusted from 6 to 11. The customization is really perfect and it comes with a manual that helps walk you through the settings and how to program it correctly to get your perfect vape. As an added bonus, the iTaste even includes a neat puff counter feature.


This pen comes with only the basics, but you can buy extra attachments if you want more. You can choose from an herbal atomizer, concentrate atomizer, and the e-juice clearomizer. They also offer bubbler and bong attachments. My favorite was the bubbler, which only requires a tiny bit of water and gives you massive vapor clouds with every puff. You can even use third party attachments if you prefer. The iTaste has 510 threads so most basic attachments will work.

I thought the battery performance was great with this vape pen. I can typically get dozens of puffs before I need to recharge. I like that the power button has a color indicator so I can quickly see when my charge is getting low and then I just plug it in using the micro USB port to recharge.

Ultimately, I highly recommend the iTaste VV vape pen. It offers a lot of customization options and even at its most basic, it has powerful performance that won’t disappoint. If you want an oil pen, this is the one I would recommend.

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