Pax by Ploom Review

Sometimes a desktop vaporizer just isn’t convenient, but you don’t want to sacrifice performance just for the sake of portability. That’s when the Pax by Ploom comes in handy. This vaporizer is small enough to fit in your pocket and more affordable than the large desktop models. After testing a ton of portable vaporizers, the Pax is still one of my favorites!

The first thing I noticed about the Pax is the size. It is really compact at only about 4 inches long, but the design is really sleek and it’s made to be durable. The overall design is really intuitive with a magnetized lid on the bottom that covers your heating element and keeps your herbs in place. On the top, the mouthpiece pops out and automatically activates the heating element. To get the best results, you want to use finely ground herbs and pack them down into the bowl on the bottom on the unit. After you load in your dry herbs, just press on the mouthpiece to activate the vaporizer. The star-shaped light will glow purple while it heats up and then after around 30 seconds, it will change to green, indicating that the Pax is ready to vape.

Ploom designed the Pax to give you power to adjust the temperature. Just pull the mouthpiece off and there is a lighted button that controls the temperature settings. Just press the button to cycle to a different mode. You can choose from low, medium, or high heat. Experiment with the different settings to find the best option for your blend of herbs. I keep mine on the highest level only and it never really gets hot to the touch, at least the part you hold doesn’t. Perhaps the bottom of the oven may get hot, but it’s usually contained within the oven chamber.

Another cool component of the Pax design is the built in motion sensor that recognizes when you set the vaporizer down. When you put it down, the Pax automatically lowers the heat level, but when you pick it back up, the heating element will instantly kick back into gear and get hot again within seconds. The motion sensor also makes it easy to check your battery level. Just shake the unit and the indicator light will blink green to show that it is charged or red to show that it’s running low. Each time you charge the battery, it should last most of the day.

The big advantage to the Pax is the small size and discreet design. You don’t need to worry about any cartridges or e-liquids. Just insert your dry herbs and you are ready to start vaping. Keeping it clean is simple thanks to Ploom’s design and screens that are easy to replace.

One big difference between the Pax and other portable vaporizers is the actual vapor. While it doesn’t produce smoke, you do get clouds of vapor but they aren’t massive. On one hand, this could be a huge benefit because it makes it more discreet. On the other hand, it eliminates the experience of blowing out a gigantic cloud of vapor that many vapers enjoy. It offers a low profile vape, which I personally think is a big plus!

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