Plenty Vaporizer Review

If you are looking for a new desktop vaporizer, check out the new Plenty. It ranks with some of the best in the market and I would group it in with classics like the Volcano and the much loved Herbalizer. The Plenty vaporizer makes functionality the highest priority and it has an extra-wide chamber to hold lots of herbs for your vaping enjoyment. Whether you fill it with a little or a lot, it performs to peak standards and gives you a nice, clean vape from start to finish.

My favorite feature from the Plenty is the cooling coil that is located between the mouthpiece and the herb chamber. It cools down the vapor just enough to enhance the flavors and make it more comfortable to inhale. I don’t always like warm vapor because it tends to make me cough and irritate my throat, so that cooling coil really made all the difference for me. I also really liked the oversized herb chamber. It’s larger than the chamber in the Volcano and that extra space gives you better vapor production.

The Plenty offers dense vapor with good, strong draws. While it does take a few minutes to reach peak temperatures, it wasn’t so long that it was bothersome. It was pretty intuitive to use, but I had to experiment just a little to figure out the setting that would give me the best performance. The temperature does tend to fluctuate a little during use, but I didn’t notice any change in the performance as a result.

Some people might be turned off to the Plenty at first glance because it does look a little weird. In some ways, it resembles a power tool more than a desktop vaporizer, but what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up three fold in performance. If you want a powerful vaporizer that is more affordable than the Volcano, this is probably a great fit for you.

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