Prohibited In The 3rd Degree Vaporizer Review

Prohibited In The 3rd Degree Vaporizer Review

Ever since the release of the Prohibited in the 5th Degree about a year ago, Prohibited and their advanced portable vaporizers have completely changed the world of THC vaping. While quickly approaching the launch of the well-awaited and much-hyped Prohibited in the 4th degree slimline pen, the hard-working, creative minds at Prohibited are already hard at work on their next innovation the Prohibited in the 3rd Degree two-in-one vaporizer. Like the 5th degree, the 4th and 3rd have been engineered and optimized to offer an unparalleled vaping experience for dry-herbs and concentrates. They’ve designed the 3rd Degree as a premium high-end device, the 4th as an ultra-portable pen capable of excellent performance, and the 5th as a versatile all-around portable vaporizer. As a two-in-one vaporizer designed for cannabis vaping, support for e-liquids have been left out. However, the lack of e-liquid support has been more than made up for by the tremendous THC vaping experience available with the 3rd degree.

While not yet available to the general public, Prohibited gave us an early development unit to try out and review. For a device that’s still in development, the Prohibited in the 3rd Degree offers a premium build quality and delivers a high-end vaping experience that rivals the greatest portable vaporizers available. It features a beautiful OLED screen that displays necessary information such as the currently set temperature and remaining battery charge. The battery life is quite impressive given the sleek, compact form and dominant performance, delivering daylong use to even the heaviest of power users. As the new premium high-end model for the Prohibited line, it costs a bit more than the 4th and 5th Degree coming in at an expected MSRP of about $209.99, although this is a bargain considering the prices of similarly performing vaporizers made by competitors. The Prohibited in the 3rd Degree will debut in a variety of four colors including Bone (White), Singed (Black), Jade (Teal), and Struck (Purple) when it launches sometime near the holiday season of 2018.

The Prohibited in the 3rd Degree was built using lessons learned from previous models while implementing unique features of its own. A standout feature of this model in the Prohibited line is a first-in-the-series gorgeous touchscreen OLED color display. It also features smartphone connectivity over Bluetooth, allowing you to view and control every aspect of your device through an intuitive multi-menu app. There you can get an overview of more in-depth information such as the number of puffs taken and the currently set temperature, as well as have the ability to manually adjust the temperature and set the variable wattage and voltage. Of course, if you prefer you can change all these settings using the intuitive and straightforward buttons built directly into the device. You’re also going to be able to upgrade the device’s firmware over Bluetooth, extending your vaporizers performance and functionality.


Another welcomed change to the Prohibited line is support for interchangeable atomizers. This much-anticipated addition will help keep your vapor smooth and prolong the life of your device. This allows you to simply replace the atomizer as opposed to buying a whole new cartridge. They went back to the drawing board with their cartridges, opting for a rectangular form that boasts a spacious high-capacity chamber. This new spacious form alongside the interchangeable atomizers gives the unit box mod-like performance and customization while delivering daylong performance for everyone ranging from the Bambi vaper to power users.

Prohibited 3rd Degree Device

Your complete Prohibited in the 3rd Degree kit comes with the vaporizer itself, one dry-herb cartridge, one concentrates cartridge, a grinder with a kief collector, a micro USB charging cable/wall adapter, a maintenance kit to extend the life of your device, and a user manual to help you started. Magnetic design has been implemented throughout the device, allowing quick and easy swapping of cartridges and safe charger detachment in the event of sudden tension on the cable. This feature is a godsend for me personally as I’ve damaged plenty of vaporizers and various electronics over the years by accidentally tripping on the wire, sending my devices plummeting to the ground as I hopelessly try to save them. In the event of any accidental breakage, Prohibited does include a lifetime limited warranty with your purchase to help give you some comfort and peace of mind.

Instead of treating it as a tacked-on afterthought like some companies, Prohibited gave special attention to the dry-herb cartridge. This spacious chamber boasts the capacity of what used to take several separate repacks of the 5th degree. All while operating very efficiently considering the massive gains in performance. Thanks to the adjustable temperature control alongside the variable voltage and wattage, the 3rd degree allows you to fine-tune and customize every aspect of your vaping experience. The spacious cartridge chambers, massive gains in performance, and unrivaled control offered by the Prohibited in the 3rd degree culminate in a potent and efficient method for enjoying your dry-herb blend. Plus, you can always save your leftover vaped weed to reuse later. Either to cook with or even used as a filler when rolling up.

Prohibited 3rd Degree Cartridges

Plenty of care and attention went into the concentrates cartridge as well. The 3rd Degree offers ones of the most massive chambers for concentrates we’ve ever seen in a portable device, delivering daylong performance to even the heaviest of power-user enthusiasts. It’s incredibly convenient, being able to load up a full day worth of dabs in a single cartridge instead of having to fumble around with swapping out replacements or refilling the chamber. While the concentrates cartridge does draw more power than the dry-herb cartridge, the actual drop in battery life is negligible at worst. I personally recommend vaping concentrates such as wax and oils as they deliver one the purest and most efficient methods for ingesting THC. While having a higher upfront investment, they provide a more potent high that requires less material to achieve the same desired effect. The lighter odor produced by the vapor is also great for the enthusiast on the go.

Prohibited 3rd Degree Kit

The Prohibited in the 3rd Degree vaporizer delivers one of the most exceptional vaping experiences and one of the highest quality devices to ever grace the market. The only real downside to this vaporizer is the fact it’s not yet available to the public for you to experience the joy I’ve experienced while preparing this review. The 3rd degree represents a leap forward for the Prohibited Line, showcasing a culmination of their previous achievements and also showing off several new innovations. The 3rd Degree offers a better battery life and larger chamber capacity over earlier iterations while featuring a robust feature set packed into a beautiful, durably built, box. Their new premium flagship model should be expected to cost about $209.99 when it launches at some point before the Holidays of 2018. Users looking for lower-cost alternatives that deliver similar performance should consider the 4th or 5th degree, with the 4th representing the greatest in stealthy THC vaping on the go, and the 5th being a high-quality, versatile vaporizer for a lower price. Be sure to check back when it drops, as we may have a coupon code available for some incredible savings.

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