Prohibited In The 4th Degree Vaporizer Review

Prohibited In The 4th Degree

The creators of the Prohibited in the 5th Degree, the critical and consumer darling of the THC vaping world, refuse to rest on their laurels and continue to push the boundaries of innovation with the sequel to their flagship, the Prohibited in the 4th Degree vape pen. Redesigned with the ultimate in portability in mind, the 4th degree delivers one of the most powerful yet stealthiest vaporizers we’ve encountered. Like its successor, the 4th degree has been optimized exclusively for use with cannabis, offering some of the greatest dry-herb and concentrate vaping around while excluding support for e-liquids. If you are a dual e-liquid and cannabis vaping enthusiast, V2 makes some incredible 3-in-1 devices for you to consider, but if you’re looking for the greatest in THC vaping there is simply no rival for the Prohibited line of vaporizers.

While not set to launch until later this year, we’ve managed to get our hands on an early development unit to see if the 4th degree can live up to the hype and expectations laid out by its predecessor. Given the performance delivered by the prototype I’ve been using for the last couple of weeks, the 4th degree is set to shatter those expectations and create a litany of new ones for its inevitable successor. This vaporizer delivers dominant performance that rivals the 5th degree all in a compact and slimline design that offers one of the most exceptional experiences in cannabis vaping we’ve ever seen. The Prohibited in the 4th Degree is set to debut in a variety of four colors including Singed (Black), Bone (White), Struck (Purple), and Jade (Teal) and should cost about $99 when it launches at some point before the Holidays of 2018.


The complete Prohibited in the 4th Degree kit features your vaporizer, one concentrate cartridge, one dry-herb cartridge, a micro USB charging cable/wall adapter, cleaning tools for simple maintenance, and a user manual to help you get up and running. They’ve revamped their chipset and overhauled the feature set, with rapid heating of the ceramic element and fast charging, so you’re never without your device. For a smaller vaporizer the 4th degree offers very impressive battery life, while intelligent power management and automatic cartridge detection ensure you’re only using as much power as needed. A magnetic design has been incorporated throughout the device, allowing for quick swapping of cartridges and safe detachment of the charger in the event of any sudden tension on the cable. In the event of any incidental damage, Prohibited includes a limited lifetime warranty to help give you peace of mind with your investment.

4th Degree Dry Herb Cartridge

The dry-herb cartridge offers the capacity of a standard bowl-pack, so if you’re planning on vaping on the go all day, you may want to carry a couple of extra cartridges on you, so you don’t need to fumble with refilling in public. The Prohibited in the 4th degree offers three distinct temperature settings including 200 degrees Celsius (390 degrees Fahrenheit), 215 degrees Celsius (420 degrees Fahrenheit), and 230 degrees Celsius (450 degrees Fahrenheit) allowing you to fine-tune your vaping experience. A fully-charged battery delivers solid daylong performance, just be sure you have a method for refilling or swapping cartridges on the go if you’re trying to remain inconspicuous. Also be sure to save your vaped weed to cook edibles with, or use them as a filler when rolling up. It’s always great to have in extra desperate times.

Prohibited 4th Degree Vaporizer Concentrates

The concentrates cartridge delivers remarkable performance regardless if you’re using oils, waxes, or shatter. The ceramic heating element is a godsend here as the lack of delicate coils makes cleanup a breeze with stickier concentrates. The concentrates cartridge heats to about 500 degrees Celsius (nearly 1000 degrees Fahrenheit!), so the battery doesn’t last quite as long as when using the dry-herb cartridge, but that should be obvious considering it’s running at nearly double the temperature. While having a smaller capacity chamber than the 5th degree and other portable vaporizers, it can efficiently deliver outstanding daylong capability to pretty much everyone except the heaviest of power-user enthusiasts. Few pens are capable of providing the exceptional performance in the compact form offered by the 4th degree.

The Prohibited in the 4th Degree vaporizer delivers some of the greatest dry-herb and concentrates vaping we’ve seen in such a compact device. The battery and chamber capacity should provide extraordinary daylong performance to all but the heaviest of users. If you’re a power-user or simply tend to share frequently, you may want to consider the original Prohibited in the 5th degree vaporizer which offers a higher-capacity chamber and a longer-lasting battery. However, enthusiasts who value an incredible inconspicuous vaping experience on the go need look no further than the Prohibited in the 4th degree pen. Be sure to check back when the pen debuts, as we may have a special discount code available for our readers so you can get an even better deal than the already low $99 launch price.

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