PUFFiT 2 Portable Vaporizer Review

The PUFFiT 2 is created by Andrew Miller and it is designed to be the ultimate stealth vaporizer as it mimics an asthma inhaler. This model improved upon previous models that were much larger than actual inhalers and instead this is the same size as a real one. They’ve also removed the lights on it which were a dead giveaway and now it utilized haptic feedback, or vibration, to let you know the status of the device. So while this would be overkill for use in your house, this could be ideal for people going to public places that want to be able to vape without getting caught. You should note that the smell will still be present so you’d want to hide a bit, it just won’t look like you’re vaping when you use this from a distance.

To fill the device, you pull the outer cover off and then putt out the internal section and it folds open. This can be an issue when it’s hot as you’re grabbing metal parts so be careful and use something else to grab it. You don’t want to over pack this unit at lower temperatures or you’ll get nothing. So bring up your herbs finely and loosely load them into the bowl. You can turn up the temperature if you do pack it tighter and it might take a couple cycles to get it going. Then you close it up and put the internals back in and you’re ready to activate the device.


The device is a bit complicated to fill but once you have it loaded, you simply push the metal item in to turn it on as if you were going to use an inhaler. You will get a vibration sensation to let you know it’s heating up. Then when it is ready to go, it will vibrate once again. Then you just puff on it and get vapor production. The vapor payoff is not quite what we would like overall, but it’s satisfactory for a $100 price point. Again we usually preach that you get what you pay for.


The downside to this device is that the bowl is quite small too. So it’s definitely only good for single person use. With it being a smaller bowl you’ll want to take really slow draws from the device. It is very similar to the magic box vape device if you are familiar with that. The benefit of having less vapor though is that it aids in being more stealth.


This device definitely isn’t an everyday use as your only vape. You want this for on the go stealth situations. For at home we recommend the Series 7 Vaporizer from V2 or a desktop model like the Volcano if money is no issue for you. This is a fun device but it sides more on novelty than practical for most of us. I don’t know many people that would need to vape in public where they had to worry too much about it, but if that fits you, I would suggest going with the PUFFiT 2.

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