Vapir One V5.0 Review

The Vapir One is an affordable desktop vaporizer that offers a lot of versatility if you like to mix up your vaping style. It is one of the lower priced units at around $150, but it still offers good durability and performance with consistent vapor production and a nice smooth draw. You can use this model with bags or the whip, but I found that the whip seemed to provide the most potent vapor. I routinely rely on the whip when I’m using my Vapir One, but having the bag option is definitely an extra perk in case you ever want to use it.

While it isn’t the most attractive design I’ve ever seen, I love that the Vapir One is really lightweight and portable. If you need a vaporizer that is easy to pack up and take with you when you travel, this model is perfect. Considering the low price tag, I was surprised that this vaporizer has a great digital display to show you the temperature. It warms up quickly and there are colored lights to show you when it’s ready to start vaping.

The Vapir One comes with five herbal discs and they are reusable so you can vape your herbs of choice with no hassle. You can also buy a variety of accessories if you want to enhance the style and capabilities of this vaporizer, but I honestly thought it worked just fine without any extras. If you prefer to use the bags, it comes with five so they will be handy for parties or for vaping with friends.

Even though this model is lightweight and great for travel, it does require an electrical outlet. If you plan to use it in the car, you will have to buy an adapter kit. I really wish that it included a table stand, but you have to purchase that separately too. You don’t have to buy a table stand, but you will need a safe, hard tabletop to rest the Vapir on or just hold it in your hand while it’s warming up.

Even though I use the whip most of the time, I wish the bags were a little larger. On average, I can get about three good hits from a bag if it is fully inflated. Of course, it comes with five bags and you can order more if needed so it’s really not a big deal in the big scheme of things. If you prefer the whip, keep in mind that you have to remove the herb drawer in order to stop the unit from vaporizing. If you don’t eject the herb drawer right away, you could potentially waste some of your herbs. I also noticed that the unit gets really hot! Make sure you grab it by the handle and never by the body. The only other downside is the noise level. The fan is loud!

This vaporizer comes with a standard 90-day warranty, but there are some stipulations so make sure you read the fine print. You have to register your vaporizer to take advantage of the warranty so don’t forget to do that as soon as your Vapir One arrives!

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