Vapium Summit Plus Review

The Vapium Summit+ Portable Vaporizer was a product we were skeptical about because of the size and price point. You usually get what you pay for and things at or under $150 often don’t live up to the hype. We were actually pleasantly surprised by this unique device and we’ll break down our review of it below.

This device is only for use with dry herbs, so if you want any other mediums, you’ll need to look elsewhere. The size of this unit is surprisingly small but ergonomically friendly to your hand. It’s powered by an internal lithium ion battery that is recharged through a micro usb port on the side. So if you have an android phone, it’s the same connection as that. Quality wise it feels how you’d expect at a price point around $150, nothing great, but not too cheap either. It is put together well so you shouldn’t have an issue with that.


The device functions like the Pax or the Series 7 from V2 Cigs in that it takes about an hour to charge and you get around an hour of use before needing to recharge. You can use it as a pass-thru device so that means you can vape while it is charging. The oven is located near the bottom of the unit, similar to the Pax, and the vapor rises through the unit and out the mouthpiece. This is a disadvantage to the Series 7 vaporizer because once you use this, you can’t really travel with it without having paraphernalia on you and that’s a risk a lot of people don’t want to take. The lid on the over is magnetic and the oven size is good enough for 1-2 people to use it at a time.


To get it to turn on, you hold the power button and it will light up indicating that it is heating up the oven and getting ready to be used. There are 8 settings on this device to use and you will need to find what works best for you. As experienced vapers, we prefer the higher settings and we pack the oven a little tighter to get better clouds. However, with that said, maybe you don’t need as much material in it and you can go with a lower smoother temperature and still reach your intended state. That’s the beauty of personal vaporizers, you can set them to what works best for you.


Once it’s heated up and ready to go, you’ll be signaled that it is in this state because it will vibrate and the button will turn green instead of blue. The vibrating is a new feature to us but it’s a cool one. We all know you can sometimes get lost in conversation while waiting for it to heat up and you won’t miss it being ready this way. It’s a lot like the restaurant pagers that let you know when your table is ready. So all you need to do now is inhale on the end of the device.


It’s best to take slower and longer draws on the device to get the best results. Vaping is something you get better at with experience but we offer the advice just to help you out getting started. This device will auto-hibernate after 90 seconds and if you want to continue vaping, just hit the power button once and it will heat back up to the right temperature. This is a safety feature and also preserves your dry herb from getting vaped while you aren’t using the device anymore. A downside to this device is that it doesn’t vibrate when it goes into hibernation mode, so you need to keep an eye on that. That is the time we would actually prefer it vibrated more than when it was ready because this is something you can miss not paying attention.


So overall this device performs similar to the pax at a lower price. We were surprised you didn’t have to take long draws to get good amounts of vapor. The vapor payoff is above average for this price point for sure. The taste is good and it’s smooth. If it feels too hot or the flavor is off, you’ll want to make sure your herbs are ground up well and you turn down the temperature. This device is a little harder to clean than devices like the Series 7 from V2, but it’s about the same as the Pax for cleaning requirements. It has a screen that you can pop out and put pipe cleaners through the device to clear the airway. You’ll want to be sure to do this regularly because if there is a resin build up, you’re going to have a bad time.  But overall we recommend this device for entry level vapers looking for a low cost portable device.

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  1. The one word you’re missing to describe this vape is “rugged,” as the Summit+ is a seriously tough little vape. Great for taking on hikes and similar outings.

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