VipVape Pdab Review

The vaporizer market has been flooded with vape pens over the past few years, but very few of them are powerful enough to really get me excited. But I recently had a chance to try to the VipVape Pdab and it was simply incredible. Unlike a lot of the cheaply made vapes I’ve tried in the past, this one gives you a lot of customization options. It has a variable voltage battery and 510 threading so you can use it with all your usual accessories. With the ability to tweak the temperature settings, I was quickly able to achieve the perfect amount of vapor from every puff.

If you’ve used variable voltage devices in the past, you already know that they tend to give better performance. But the VipVape Pdab went above and beyond with consistently powerful performance. I tried it at a variety of voltage settings and the vapor was strong and tasted great each time.

This vape pen is made to last with a sturdy ceramic core instead of the usual thread wick design. It has a titanium coil that offers powerful vapor production and consistent heating. Plus, I found that it was really simple to load my oil or wax into the chamber because I could just dab them down the sides instead of trying to directly hit the coils, which are located in the bottom of the chamber. It was so much easier to load than most vape pens I’ve tried in the past and because of that, I use this model regularly.

Another huge bonus is that the VipVape Pdab comes with a one year battery warranty. Plus if your atomizer goes bad, they have replacements available online. All things considered, you just have to try the Pdab. With variable voltage, thick vapor, and a large loading chamber, it’s a winning choice when you need a new vape pen.

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