Is K2 Incense legal?

Official K2 Incense contains NO banned substances and therefore will remain legal under Federal Drug Enforcement agency (DEA) new rules

As you may be aware the Federal Drug Enforcement agency (DEA) made an announcement regarding certain ingredients that it thought were being used in fake K2 on 11/24/10. They plan to outlaw some of the ingredients used to make these fake blends of K2 Spice for a period of one year, while tests can take place.

Official K2 has been independently tested and does not contain any of the substances that are covered under this legislation.

Our recommended provider Organic Spice Blend products are 50 state legal

However, please make sure that you review the K2/Herbal Incense map below for already standing state laws in your local area, which are previous to this judgement.

Updated: 19th-Jan-2014 09:23 CST. (New Blends Added)

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K2 Incense has been all over the news reports over the past few months as legislators have been trying to decide if the product should continue to remain legal. With the help of the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, the law makers have considered the dangers of K2 Incense and have decided to place certain restrictions on purchases until further studies are conducted.

On November 24, 2010, the DEA announced that they will spend 12 months reviewing K2 blends by recreating the incense using synthetic chemicals in a laboratory setting. Until their research is completed, some states have chosen to outlaw some of the stronger varieities of K2 herbal blends. Right now, customers from around the world can still purchase all blends of K2 incense legally until December 24, 2010 before the new bans are enacted.

The chemicals that the DEA suspects to be dangerous include JWH-018, cannabicyclohexanol, JWH-073, CP47, CP 497 and JWH-200. Each state has made their own individual laws regarding the various K2 scents depending on their chemical content. You can review individual state laws online to find out what is permitted in your state.

Many people wonder why K2 Incense is still being sold if there is a risk of chemical dangers involved. In short, the problem lies in imitation competitor brands rather than in the authentic K2 incense. Many of the generic companies are adding chemicals to the K2 that are both dangerous and deadly. When you buy from a reputable, verified company, you don’t have to worry about these issues.

With due respect to federal law, make sure you are shopping carefully to avoid chemicals that are dangerous. You can identify the cheap generic K2 imitations in a few ways. The first obvious way to know that K2 is dangerous is if it comes in a bag that is not properly sealed. If you buy K2 incense and it is delivered in a zip top bag or something similar that is easily opened, you need to be seriously cautious. True K2 incense comes in a completely sealed package that is tamper proof.

Another thing that can indicate a generic variety of K2 is poor quality labeling on the packages. Each bag is sold in 3 gram sizes and has a high resolution label marking the K2 aroma. True K2 Incense will have a vividly colored, high quality logo that is both professionally printed and perfectly aligned. If your label is crooked or poor quality, that is a good tip that you are not using true K2 Incense and you should beware of the dangers.

Ultimately, you need to consult with your state’s laws to find out which aromas of K2 Incense are legal. While some states allow all K2 Incense blends to be bought and sold, others have strict laws regulating it. To be on the safe side, check with your state legislature before placing your order.

All K2 Incense Spice blends are Legal in Alabama.

K2 Incense is currently very much legal in Alaska.

Arizona only restricts a few blends of K2 spice.

You can buy some Herbal incense in Arkansas but law makers banned most blends of K2 incense in March 2011.

California is K2 Friendly and all spice blends are legal and available.

You can buy some spice blends in Colorado however original K2 Incense and all Cannabinoids Salvia were made illegal on 06/02/2011.

All k-2 Incense blends remain legal in Connecticut

K2 Spice is not illegal Deleware.

Florida current has no bans on our blends of K2 Spice smoke.

All K2 incense is currently legal in Georgia.

Hawaii does not have any restrictions on the current K2 herb range.

In Idaho there are some K2 blends available but unfortunately traditional K2 is illegal. The ban came into effect in early 2011.

K2 incense is legal in Illinois.

K2 Spice is mostly legal in Indiana, only K2 Melon & Diesel Herb is currently restricted.

There are currently no restrictions on K2 Spice in Iowa.

E-liquid and Next Gen K2 remain legal but Kansas banned and made old style K2 illegal on 18 May 2011.

K2 herb is mostly allowed and legal in Kentucky.

Louisiana still has some blend available but law makers slapped a ban and outlawed traditional K2 incense in June 2010

Spice incense is legal to posses and sell in Maine.

Maryland has no ban or laws on K2 Incense.

Massachussets allows the sale of all our K2 blends.

Michigan has a small restriction on certain blends of K2 but incense remains mostly legal.

Minnesota still allows some blends of incense herb but the state outlawed old-style K2 incense in March 2011.

Some blends remain legal but Mississippi outlawed ordinary K2 Spice on 05/06/11.

Some K2 is still legal in Missouri, however new laws have made some blend illegal within the state.

Only a few K2 Spice incenses are available and legal in Montana.

Some herbal incense remains for sale in Nebraska but law makers made most K2 Incenses illegal to sell in 2011.

K2 incense is safe to own and legal in Nevada.

New Hampshire has no restrictions on K2 legal herb.

New Jersey currently has no restriction on K2 Legal smoke.

All K2 is Legal to possess and use in New Mexico.

K2 Incense Spice remains legal in New York.

North Carolina added some K2 blends to their controlled substance list on 25th May 2011.

North Dakota has restrictions on some K2 blends from 04/20/2011.

K2 Legal smoke is allowed in Ohio.

Oklahoma allows the sale of some of our herbs but made some K2 blends illegal on 07/02/2011.

Current blends of official K2 Incense are still legal in Oregon.

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania have moved to amend their drugs laws to make some K2 Incense Blends illegal.

Rhode Island has passed no law on K2 Spice and it remains available within the state.

K2 Herbal Incense remains legal in South Carolina.

There is no legislation in South Dakota currently regarding the sale and use of K2 Incense.

Some blends are available but unfortunately Tennessee outlawed old style K2 on May 25th 2011.

Some K2 is available in Texas despite a new bill on the 9/1/2011 outlawing traditional herbal spice.

Some blends remain on sale but in February 2011 Utah move to outlaw some types of K2 herb.

Vermont has no laws covering K2 Spice and it remains on sale.

Virginia only has a few blends available as local government made some blends of K2 illegal in March 2011.

K2 Incense remains legal and available in Washington State.

West Virginia has restrictions currently affecting our product but some K2 herbal smoke remain legal.

Wisconsin made traditional K2 Incense blends illegal in April 2011, but new K2 Spice's remain legal.

K2 Herb is legal and is available to ship to Wyoming