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K2 e-liquid

K2 e-liquid is the newest way for K2 lovers to enjoy their favorite legal POTpourri. Your room will be filled with the delicious scent of liquid K2 within minutes. Reach the peak of your experience within 15-20 minutes and the results will last for up to two hours. K2 e-liquid is so concentrated and powerful that only ONE tiny drop is needed to get the complete effect you are looking for. One full bottle of K2 e-liquid contains 75 doses, providing up to 150 hours of the POTpourri aroma that you love.

To get the ultimate K2 experience, use a drop of your favorite scent into any electronic vaporizing device. Use K2 e-liquid at home to relax and unwind after a stressful day. The pleasing aroma will drive the worries away and you can reach a deeper state of peace and meditation than ever before. Bring your K2 e-liquid when you go to a party if you want to enjoy a legal thrill that is the ultimate party enhancer. Buy K2 e-liquid for yourself or order some for a friend. Whether you want to chill at home or spice up the next big rave, K2 eliquid has the delicious POTpourri experience you crave in one power packed drop.

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Buzz Liquid Incense – 5 ml

If you are looking for the perfect way to relax after a long, hard day at work, look no further than Buzz Liquid Incense. This incredible new incense offering takes aromatherapy to a whole new level. When you smell this new intoxicating fragrance, your stress will just melt away as you experience a total new relaxation that you never dreamed possible. As you reach the pinnacle of the powerful buzz liquid experience, you will feel a burst of energy. Leave stress, worry, and exhaustion behind and order potent Buzz E-Liquid Incense today.Free Shipping! More info >

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K2 eliquid CODE RED – 5 ml

Experience the ultimate euphoria with the highly popular K2 e-liquid Code Red. This blend is the strongest e-liquid ever created, powerful enough to enhance your mood and rev your energy with a single drop. When you add a drop of Code Red to your personal electronic vaporizer, you will reach the peak of relaxation within just 15-20 minutes. Feel the stress melt away and experience your anxiety dissolve as the pleasurable aroma fills your space. As you reach the pinnacle of the powerful K2 e-liquid Code Red experience, you will feel a burst of energy. Leave stress, worry, and exhaustion behind and order potent K2 eLiquid Code Red today.Free Shipping! More info >

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Take your herbal experience to the next level with the aroma of K2 eLIQUID 42 Degrees. With an invigorating spearmint fragrance, just a whiff of 42 Degrees will transform your state of mind. No other aromatherapy can give you the powerful positive feelings that one drop of K2 eLIQUID 42 Degrees provides. You will enjoy the ultimate herbal “high on life” experience when you use a single drop of this blend in your personal electronic vaporizer. Even on the worst day, K2 eLIQUID 42 Degrees will lift your spirits and cause you to feel cheerful contentment as it disperses the calming fragrance in your space. Take back your happiness and order K2 eLIQUID 42 Degrees today. Free Shipping! More info >

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Get in the mood for romance with just a whiff of K2 e-liquid RolePlay. Just one drop of this powerful blend is all you need to enjoy the ultimate aphrodisiac. You can use this product in any electronic vaporizer to turn an ordinary evening into a blissful, exotic encounter you will never forget. K2 e-liquid RolePlay is the strongest sexual enhancer ever created. Enjoy the most extreme satisfaction when you start the night with the sensual RolePlay experience. It’s time to increase your arousal in ways you never imagined. Order your K2 eLiquid RolePlay today. Free Shipping! More info >

K2 e-liquid LEGAL

K2 e-liquid was not developed for human consumption. When you buy this product, it can only be used for aromatherapy purposes or as a research chemical. Here are some other important things to keep in mind:

  • Our products are NOT smoking blends or entheogenes of any kind.
  • Our mixes are created for aromatherapy purposes and are designed for use as a room fragrance only.
  • Our products are NOT made from any of these banned chemicals: JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497 and cannabicyclohexanol Methylone, MDPV, Acetone or any Hallucinogens, Salvia divinorum, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa), Blue Egyptian water lily (Nymphaea caerulea).