AK-47 Incense Blends

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AK-47 Incense

You can really feel the firepower of AK-47 Herbal Incense Blends. These aromas will take over the room with a strong smell that will get everyone revved up and ready to go. It will quite literally change the environment instantly.

This is a fairly strong incense blend so you should use it sparingly. Getting higher quantity bags will result in better per gram prices. So be sure to check out the grams per bag vs the cost when making your decision!

AK-47 Gold Herbal Incense

The 24 Karat Gold blend is the favorite of our staff. It has a rich flavor that starts the party off right when you burn this incense in your room. Start the music and enjoy this blend.

From: $29.00

AK-47 Cherry Herbal Incense

If you love the smell of cherry, you need to check out the Cherry Popper blend. It is both strong and a fun aroma. You will enjoy the sweet smell as it takes over any room.

From: $29.00

AK-47 Black Out Incense

When you reach the point of wanting to forget about a bad day, the black out blend from AK-47 is the perfect one to turn to. This is a super strong incense that will make your problems melt away.

From: $29.00

AK-47 After Dark Incense

When you get home from the bar and want to relax with a few good friends, after hours is the perfect blend to burn. It will set the right vibe and you’ll love this aroma.

From: $29.00

AK-47 Juicy Blues Incense

Juicy Blues is a great choice for before you head out clubbing. It’s also great for a house party when you have people over. It will set the vibe right with the perfect aroma scent.

From: $29.00

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