Code Black Berry

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Code Black Berry

Unapologetically Dark

The problem some people run into when it comes to Code Black herbal incenses is that they live with other people. The more people in the home, the harder it can be to find a scent that’s perfect. Not only does every person living in the house have an opinion on what smells the best, but there can also be allergies that have to be considered. If you love incense, but have grown weary of fighting with your roommates about what scent you should burn, you need to check out our Code Black berry incense. It could be the solution to all your problems.

Unlike some floral or spice scented incenses, Code Black berry herbal incense has a very light, very smooth scent. It’s the kind of scent that happily blends into the background while making everything seem fresh and clean. Because the scent is light, it won’t offend your roommates and it’s a nice neutral fragrance so it can be used in combination with other incenses and perfumes. Even though the scent of the Code Black Berry will continue to brighten your home for several days, it won’t soak into your clothing and hair like other fragrances are apt to do.

Berry – 2 Grams

Buy 2 Grams of original Code Black Berry, one of the original CB aromas available from the official site. The perfect size to try one of the best herbal incenses available anywhere.

$6.98 per gram

Berry – 4 Grams

Buy 4 Grams of the awesome Code Black Berry direct from our shipping center. Priority shipping available and fully legal in every US state. Get yours today.

$6.24 per gram

Berry – 10 Grams

Purchase 10 Grams of the infamous Code Black Berry from the official CB site. Buy big and save over 30% per gram. Legal Everywhere, Burn Anytime, Anywhere!

$5.00 per gram

Berry – 12 Pack (48 Grams)

Buy 12 – 4 Gram packs and get amazing 48 grams of Code Black Berry, the finest herbal incense available. Save over 50% per gram. Comes ready packed in an awesome Code Black point of sale display set.

$4.16 per gram