Code Black Straight

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Code Black Straight

Shots straight from the hip

Long before many people knew about Code Black herbal incense, we had people working on what was going to become our straight line. At the time we knew we wanted to create an herbal essence that would be a powerful and pleasant aromatherapy tool, and we wanted it to be 100% natural. When all was said and finished, we came up with what we know call Code Black Straight. This was the line that got the ball rolling and proved that we could create a marketable product.

With the Code Black Straight we proved that it was possible to use a unique combination of various herbal products and create a incense that was really good. The public quickly fell in love with the pure, pleasant smell of the Straight incense, which continues to be one of our biggest sellers. This is a the line that we recommend when we get asked about an herbal incense that will be pleasing, versatile, and not overpower a room. It doesn’t matter if your using it in a large open area, or simply want to freshen up a small closet space, Code Black Straight will get the job done.

Straight – 2 Grams

Buy 2 Grams of original Code Black Straight, one of the original CB aromas available from the official site. The perfect size to try one of the best herbal incenses available anywhere.

$6.98 per gram

Straight – 4 Grams

Buy 4 Grams of the awesome Code Black Straight direct from our shipping center. Priority shipping available and fully legal in every US state. Get yours today.

$6.24 per gram

Straight – 10 Grams

Purchase 10 Grams of the infamous Code Black Straight from the official CB site. Buy big and save over 30% per gram. Legal Everywhere, Burn Anytime, Anywhere!

$5.00 per gram

Straight – 12 Pack (48 Grams)

Buy 12 – 4 Gram packs and get amazing 48 grams of Code Black Straight, the finest herbal incense available. Save over 50% per gram. Comes ready packed in an awesome Code Black point of sale display set.

$4.16 per gram

Straight – 24 Pack (48 Grams)

Buy 24 – 2 Gram pack and bag yourself 48 Grams of Code Black Straight, wonderful new legal herb. This package offers a massive bulk saving of over 50% per gram. Comes in an attractive Code Black display box.

$4.68 per gram