Diesel Spice Incense

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Diesel Incense

Diesel has risen to overwhelming success almost overnight. When it was released, K2 fans were shocked by its aggressively low price tag. In an effort to get it while it lasted, everyone scrambled to try this new scent that testers claimed would be both authentic and powerful. Diesel didn’t disappoint and now it is considered the “house blend” when someone goes to order K2 incense.

K2 Diesel has in many ways set a standard for how spice incense should perform. It is both inexpensive and wildly popular, which is a unique set of attributes to have among the other blends. K2 Diesel has a fiercely loyal following who swear by it and refuse to use any other kind of incense. So what can you expect when you burn Diesel incense?

The first thing you will notice is thick, smooth smoke. There is no lack of smoke when burning Diesel incense. It is truly an authentic herbal blend and there is no skimping on the smoke that it releases. The aroma is quite robust with a woodsy botanical scent that lingers without overpowering the whole space. K2 Diesel works for any occasion, from Friday night with the guys to a romantic night with your girlfriend.

Highlights of K2 Diesel Incense…


  • Thick, smooth smoke
  • Authentic K2 experience
  • Appropriate for the budget minded
  • A Fan Favorite that is now considered the K2 House Blend
  • Multi-faceted for any situation
  • Powerful K2 blend that doesn’t disappoint

Diesel – 4 Grams

Purchase 4 Grams of Diesel Incense direct. Restricted in some states, please check using our tool above.

MSRP: $29.00

Diesel – 10 Grams

Buy 14 Grams of Diesel an original aroma from the official distributor. Powerful Scent! Super Sale! Some states have restricted this blend of K2, check above if you can order in your state.

MSRP: $49.99