Extreme Incense

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Extreme Incense

Extreme Incense blends are designed for the most experienced consumers of herbal incense aromas. They should not be burned by someone new to it. They have some of the strongest effects and longest lasting aromas in a room of any on the market.

If you are looking for one of these, there are many great options available. Klimaxxx, Bizarro, Joker II 20x, TokeMon, Mind Trip II, and WTF Next Gen are the best of the best. They mostly come in larger bags as the consumers are serious about how much they burn in the room at a time.

Klimaxxx – Extreme Herbal Incense

Klimaxxx is an extreme blend that brings various aromas to the users ready to burn them in the room. They have Cotton Candy, Blue Wave, Double Apple, Juicy Pink, Bubble Gum, Coconut, and more.

From: $29.99

Bizarro Herbal Incense – Various Aromas

Bizarro is one of the most popular blends ever made. Everyone who has burned this incense loves it. Comes in Hydro, Blueberry, Cherry, LemonLime, and Strawberry.

From: $49.99

WTF Next Gen – Extreme Herbal Blend

This is a strong blend that takes a minute to bring effects to the room when burning, but its slow burn will knock your socks off. It will truly leave you saying WTF!

From: $49.99

TokeMon – Extreme Herbal Incense

This aroma is so powerful that you might see Pokemon running around your living room when you’re burning this. It’s a unique blend that will be the life of the party.

From: $49.99

Mind Trip Gen II – Extra Potent Blend

The makers of Joker bring you Mind Trip Gen II which is so powerful they had to put a warning on the bag. This is extra potent and will take you to levels you haven’t imagined.

From: $49.99

Joker II 20X – Extreme Incense

Most of you know the Joker Incense as a powerful blend, well multiply that potency by 20 times and you get the super powerful Joke II 20X. This is not to be taken lightly.

From: $49.50

29 thoughts on “Extreme Incense”

  1. do you ship to ny????? the smoke has been big in ny for about 8 years. the smoke is getting weaker cuz ppl are making it themselves.

  2. For a daily incense burner wat would be the strongest in high potency or sleep maker? Like wich would make u fall asleep?..

    1. We’re working on getting new vendors up this week. Once they are up, I assume you mean Leesville, LA. I believe it should be able to be shipped there.

  3. Do you ship to South Carolina? And what is the Best and most powerful K-2 that’s guaranteed to get anyone high? That your company sale?

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