Geeked Up Incense

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Geeked Up Incense

Geeked Up Incense is a very potent blend designed by the most elite incense creators ever. It’s a mix of new and old spice flavor characteristics to blend together one of the best ever made. Its ingredients are kept highly secret and have a great floral smell.
Pairing floral with a fruity smell is what put this blend over the top. It is a fan favorite of anyone who tries it and we highly recommend it. The traits it brings out are better concentration and is great to burn when working on a project. This is a great place to start as it finds the perfect blend between being potent but not overpowering.

Geeked Up – 1.5g Pack

The 1.5 gram pack costs a lot more per gram than the 10 gram pack but it is great if you are looking to try it out before buying more. This is enough to burn a couple times.

From: $25.99

Geeked Up – 3g Pack

The 3 gram pack is the industry standard size and will allow you to experience this blend for a decent amount of time before running out.

From: $29.00

Geeked Up – 4g Pack

This is a good value at the same price as 3 grams. Obviously, you should buy this amount when considering 3 grams and enjoy the relaxation for a little while longer.

From: $29.00

Geeked Up – 10g Pack

The 10 Gram pack is the best deal on Geeked Up Herbal Incense as it offers a much lower price per gram. This is a very potent blend of spice so a little should go a long way.

From: $49.99

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  1. Please tell me how to actually order some I can’t find it anywhere and I’m about to pull my hair out

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