Joker Incense

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Joker Incense

Joker Incense has a misleading name until you see the picture. Think Batman’s darkest Joker, not the old joker. It’s an intense ride that will leave you questioning everything you know. It is very strong and potent and should be burned in small amounts at a time.

The room will transform into a feeling of pure insanity and you will want to experience the next levels. Be sure to try the second generation, sixth generation, and if you dare, the 20x blend when you’re ready. Burn it sparingly.

Joker Herbal Incense – Classic

The original joker incense is still one of the best on the market. While other joker blends are now more potent, this is a great place to start to see your baseline.

From: $29.00

Joker – 20x Herbal Incense Blend

This version of Joker Incense is 20 times more potent than the original. This is an extreme ride for experienced incense burners only. Perhaps one of the strongest around!

From: $29.00

Joker – Six Generation Blend

This is the newest blend available from the Joker line. It is the 6th generation and potentially the best combination of duration and impact ever experienced.

From: $44.99

Joker – Extra Potent Blend

This blend of Joker Incense is the extra potent blend. It’s a step below the 20x blend but a step above the classic blend. It is sure to please most as a step in the right direction.

From: $29.00

Joker Incense – Second Generation

This blend was the second generation of Joker but is still revered and made popular by the loyalists who love it. They feel that Joker perfected it with this generation.

From: $49.99

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