K2 Amperage

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Legal Everywhere K2 Amperage is the Next Generation of K2 Incense!

K2 Amperage is from our new line of next generation K2 spice in the battle against outlawing herbal Incense. This special spice blend contains no synthetic cannabinoids, therefore is not covered by any bans worldwide and is the only current K2 blend 100% legal in every state in the USA. Now you can enjoy the amazing scent of K2 everywhere you go!

We could not launch the next generation of K2 with just any scent; K2 Amperage is guaranteed to please even the most experienced K2 incense aficionado. Amperage itself is an electrifying and intense blend, designed to produce hours of heavenly smooth smoke. Some compare the scent to raspberry, while others mention hints of passion flower and jasmine. One thing for certain is that K2 Amperage is a unique blend that carries on the amazing legacy of the K2 Incense.

Some may notice that this blend provides a much smoother and subtle type of smoke than traditional K2 spice blends. Based on years of user feedback we have tirelessly to improve our blends of K2. Amperage is not only an amazing leap forward in technology, but also user experience. Due to unprecedented demand in this new legal blend, K2 Amperage is also one of the best value incense available online today starting at just $17.95 for 1 gram.

Try completely legal K2 Amperage yourself and become among the first of next generation K2 users.

  • K2 Amperage: 50 States, Worldwide Legal!
  • K2 Amperage Will Not Disappoint!

K2 Amperage – 1 Gram

Buy 1 Gram of official K2 Amperage from our online store. Powerful Scent Incense! The Best Around! Perfect size to try a new K2 flavour. Legal everywhere in The USA!

$17.95 per gram

K2 Amperage – 3 Grams

Buy 3 Grams of the original K2 Amperage Incense straight from our Shipping Center! Save Money! 30% OFF Per Gram! Ships Priority! Wordwide Legal.

$9.32 per gram

K2 Amperage – 9 Grams

Purchase 9 Grams of K2 Amperage Incense direct. 40% OFF per gram! 50 state Legal!

$8.88 per gram

K2 Amperage – 30 Grams

Buy 30 Grams of K2 Amperage an original aroma from the official distributor. Powerful Scent! Super Sale! 100% Legal everywhere in The USA.

$6.33 per gram

K2 Amperage – 60 Grams

Get 60 Grams of K2 Amperage Smoke an original flavour straight to your door. Best value per gram available over 60% saving. Discreet Shipping. New K2 Blend Legal everywhere in The US.

$5.50 per gram

K2 Amperage – 102 Grams

Buy 102 Grams of K2 Amperage herb. Buy Big, Save Big! 60% saving per Gram, amazing value! Ships Priority! Legal to Buy, Sell and Use everywhere in The USA.

$5.78 per gram