K2 Role Play e-Liquid

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K2 e-Liquid Role Play


Buy 5ml of official K2 e-Liquid Role Play from our online store. Take your herbal experience to the next level! The Best Herbal K2 Spice Liquid Around! Legal Everywhere. Free Shipping!

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Take your romantic encounters to the next level with K2 eliquid Role Play.

This powerful fragrance is the ultimate aphrodisiac that will leave you feeling intoxicated with desire. The specially formulated blends in Role Play will increase your arousal and bring you the most unforgettable sexual experience of your life.

Role Play K2 e-liquid is so concentrated that you only need ONE drop to spice up the mood and heighten arousal. Experience mind blowing orgasms and savor the increased sensitivity that Role Play provides. You will enjoy a heightened sense of ecstasy for up to two hours after you reach the pinnacle of your Role Play euphoria. This e-liquid blend is the best choice for a special night with someone you love. You can put aside your inhibitions and enjoy your significant other like never before with the help of Role Play.

K2 e-liquid Role Play can be used with your personal electronic vaporizer. When vaping with eliquid Role Play, you can experience the sexual encounter you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are some of the benefits of K2 e-liquid Role Play:

  • You only need ONE drop of Role Play to enjoy the aphrodisiac effect.
  • Sensual fragrance sets the perfect scene for your romantic encounter.
  • Creates a heightened sense of arousal
  • Enhances your sex drive
  • The ultimate aromatherapy for the bedroom
  • Each bottle contains 100 doses, providing up to 200 hours of pleasure.
  • Each bottle contains 1000 mg of active ingredients.
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Certified Legal in all 50 states
  • FDA Certified lab report
  • Most powerful e-liquid blend on the planet

K2 e-liquid is NOT intended for human consumption. Use sparingly… one powerful drop goes a LONG way. This is the strongest eliquid ever formulated!