K2 Summit 2.0

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When it comes to K2 Incense, no blend is as highly reviewed or well loved as the popular K2 Summit. Our next generation of incense means everyone’s favorite K2 is now legal everywhere.

Its unique blend of rose, bay bean, and other natural ingredients truly give it a spectacular fragrance that stands out from the other blends, as great as they are. K2 Summit 2.0 is also famous for creating a major amount of smoke with a lasting subtle aroma. In fact, the proof of K2 Summit’s success began centuries ago.

Ancient cultures used the same ingredients found in all new K2 Summit 2.0 for both medicinal reasons and for worship rituals. So what is in K2 Summit 2.0 that makes it so incredibly powerful? The foundation of the Summit blend is canavalia rosea, clematis vitalba, nelumbo nucifer, pedicularis gradifolia, heimia salicfolia, leonorus sibiricus, and ledum palustre. The new additions to K2 Summit 2.0 give it a deep earthy fragrance that makes it extra alluring. New additions to the blend include fresh bay bean and natural rose extracts.

K2 Summit 2.0 has a very delicate texture, similar to powder. The scent is very woodsy and could also be compared to a walk through a beautiful flower garden in spring with the undertones of roses coming from the natural rose extract. K2 Summit 2.0 is delicate rather than strong, it’s not at all tropical, but has more of a forest type undertone to it. It is really unlike any other blend out there.

K2 Summit 2.0 is one of a kind…

  • Robust, natural scent
  • All natural K2 herbal blend with a commanding fragrance
  • One of the strongest K2 blends
  • Good strong K2 experience with no side effects
  • Subtle rose and bay bean undertones in the fragrance
  • Great blend for new K2 users.
  • Effects last from 1-3 hours!
  • Legal Everywhere!

K2 Summit 2.0 – 1 Gram

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K2 Summit 2.0 – 3 Grams

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K2 Summit 2.0 – 30 Grams

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