Code Black Plus

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Code Black Plus

A New Plus Point in your Life

If you’re looking for an herbal incense that’s neutral and seems to fade into the background, you should choose something from the Code Black, Black label, the Code Black Raspberry, or the Code Black Menthe incenses. If you’re looking for a fragrance that you’ll notice every time you walk into the house, you should turn your attention to the Code Black Plus line. You’re going to love this amazing blend of herbs and other natural botanical ingredients, which come together to create a fragrance that’s robust, appealing, and potent. This is a great choice for heavy mediation sessions, in new age shops, and when you need to cover up pet odor.

If you suffer from insomnia, Code Black Plus is the herbal incense for you. It has a the ability to relax even the most tightly wound mind, helping them find the peace needed for them fall asleep. Since the scent lingers, they won’t wake up until their body has recharged and is ready to go. The Code Black Zen is a great alternative to sleeping pills. Since it’s such an effective relaxation tool, individuals who instruct meditation classes like to use it, it helps even up tight students learn to let go.

Plus – 2 Grams

Buy 2 Grams of original Code Black Plus, one of the original CB aromas available from the official site. The perfect size to try one of the best herbal incenses available anywhere.

$8.48 per gram

Plus – 4 Grams

Buy 4 Grams of the awesome Code Black Plus straight from our shipping center. Priority shipping available and fully legal in every US state. Get yours today.

$7.49 per gram

Plus – 10 Grams

Purchase 10 Grams of the infamous Code Black Plus from the official CB site. Buy big and save over 30% per gram. Legal Everywhere, Burn Anytime, Anywhere!

$6.00 per gram

Plus – 12 Pack (48 Grams)

Buy 12 – 4 Gram packs and get amazing 48 grams of Code Black Plus, the finest herbal incense available. Save over 50% per gram. Comes ready packed in an awesome Code Black point of sale display set.

$4.68 per gram

Plus – 24 Pack (48 Grams)

Buy 24 – 2 Gram pack and bag yourself 48 Grams of Code Black Plus, wonderful new legal herb. This package offers a massive bulk saving of over 50% per gram. Comes in an attractive Code Black display box.

$5.20 per gram