Sexy Monkey Incense

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Sexy Monkey Incense

Crazy Monkey Incense has brought us two of the top incenses on the market today. They first came out with Sexy Monkey and took the industry by storm. It’s an exotic blend that encompasses relaxing vibes along with great flavor sensations.

After that, they came out with Mad Monkey and found a way to offer a very similar appearance with different flavor aromas. While we find Mad Monkey to be more intense, our favorite has to be Sexy Monkey for total relaxation. If you’re having a party though, burn some Mad Monkey and set the mood just right to keep everyone going all night!

Sexy Monkey – 4g-10g Incense Packs

Sexy Monkey is a complex mix of grapefruit infused all natural damiana with marshmallow herbs. It has Sweet Pineapple and Electric Banana scents too. Made by Crazy Monkey Incense.

From: $29.00

Mad Monkey – Herbal Incense Pack

Crazy Monkey Incense brings you the next big thing with Mad Monkey incense. They created Sexy Monkey and took the market by storm, now experience this amazing blend.

From: $29.00

Mad Monkey – Herbal Incense Jar

The great exotic blend of Mad Monkey, by the makers of Sexy monkey, is brought to you in a jar to ensure freshness. Experience the relaxing effects of this aroma today.

From: $23.99

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