Is K2 Incense Safe?

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Is K2 Spice Safe?
K2 is the common name for a type of incense that is a blend of both herbs and chemicals. One of the ingredients that is found in K2 incense is synthetic cannabinoids. In its final form, the K2 is indeed synthetic cannabis. Commonly marketed and sold in the United States as K2, in Australia it has a different name, Kronic, meaning synthetic cannabis. K2 was first sold in the United States near the beginning of the millennium, and has continued to grow in sales since that time.

A common misconception that many people have when they hear the words synthetic cannabis is that they assume that they will be able to consume K2 by smoking it. Just the opposite, K2 incense is not meant to be consumed in any way.

The main reason that people should not consider consuming K2 is because no one knows just how the human body will react to it. There have not been any official tests done that have studied the psychological and physiological impact the consumption of K2 on the body, and it is unlikely that any such tests will be conducted at any time in the future.  Many people suspect that consuming K2 will have the same results as consuming naturally grown marijuana, but with the lack of official testing trials, it is unknown how the body may react to the product.

K2 incense was developed with the intentions that it is to be inhaled through the air in the environment, and it is as simple as that. K2 incense can be a wonderful tool when you are trying to relax. Burning it at regular intervals during the day will help you forget your troubles and to focus on your wellbeing. When used in the manner that it was intended, K2 will help reduce your stress without impairing your mental agility. The same cannot be said if you try consuming K2, and you could you find that your brain is not working at full speed, or you might discover that you have put your good health at risk. Some people who have tried consuming K2 experienced severe vomiting and agitation. Even more alarming, is one report of an individual who tried to consume K2 and began to suffer from severe psychotic episodes.

Bizarro Kush Incense Blue Label Diablo Mr Nice Guy Mad Hatter Spice

Another rumor that needs to be dispelled is that K2 will result in a positive drug test. Provided that the K2 is used properly, it won’t trigger a positive drug test, however, if the K2 is consumed by smoking it, trace metabolites will appear in the urine, and these factors will indeed lead to a positive drug test.

Individuals and businesses have a responsibility to keep their clients safe. As a seller of K2 incense, I feel that it is my responsibility to make sure that you are properly educated about the correct way that you should use K2 incense. As a K2 retailer, I also feel that it is my responsibility to make sure that you understand that the K2 incense that I sell is to be consumed. In addition to making sure that you aren’t planning on consuming the K2 incense, you should also make sure that you store the incense somewhere that your pets won’t find it and accidently eat it.