How to avoid fake & counterfeit K2

Buying K2 Incense Online

Welcome to our common sense, no-nonsense guide to buying K2 and avoiding scam and fake K2 incense sites. This practical advice will give you a handy check list that will serve you well when buying K2 smoke online and can also be applied to many other products as well.

Make sure you buy from a site displaying the official verified K2 Supplier Logo.

Check our comparison table below to get the real information regarding which K2 logo to trust. Feel free to click through where there is a link image to verify our evidence/conclusions.

Real (Blue) Fake (Yellow)
Real K2 Incense Sites Fake K2 Incense Sites

Web Address

a) Real (physical) Address in contact details?

YesReal K2

NoFake K2

b) Includes Retailers Addresses?

Yes Real K2

NoFake K2

c) Contains NO sites known to sell poor quality K2?

YesReal K2

NoFake K2

d) Website Created (Whois Records)

2008 Real K2

13-May-2010Fake K2


Recommended Real K2

Not RecommendedFake K2

  • As you can see the real blue logo provides a real address for concerned customers to contact them to verify a K2 supplier. The yellow logo provides a PO Box Address (registered in the same town as the real logo), which anyone could set up anonymously. Although PO Box addresses are handy for small businesses, some companies use them for the purpose of hiding their real address.
  • The real blue logo provides the real addresses of retailers and companies supplying real K2 incense. The yellow logo only claims to verify a web address, which doesn’t make them accountable to anyone.
  • Looking at real customer complaints across the internet, you will not find any complaints about any websites that are involved in the blue logo program. The yellow logos are well known across consumer review sites & forums for providing sub-par or even fake K2.
  • Third Party records don’t lie, ‘whois’ services provide the date a domain was created, the yellow logo’s site appears to be created a couple of years after the blue logo site.

Check for contact details on the site.

All sites that are real and legal businesses will provide full contact details, including a real physical address (not a PO box address), a telephone number and an email address/online contact form.

Do not buy K2 from sites:

  • That ONLY provide electronic means of communication (email & online contact form).
  • That give a PO Box address (this means their mail is forwarded to a different location).
  • That do not provide a customer telephone number.
  • That provide ‘Wholesale Enquires Only’ telephone numbers (customer service is likely to be poor if they don’t want to deal directly with a normal customer like you).

Check for security/trust certificates.

Any proper e-commerce site or K2 Smoke site will contain ‘trust marks’ and SSL certified secure servers for taking your details.

Trust marks are important because web site owners have to provide full details of their business and often have to have a background check before their site is awarded a trust mark. This is important for you, the K2 consumer, because a real person and business that own a website will be happy to be held accountable for their online business. This means that they are a professional organization and means that you are likely to have a good customer service experience with their business.

Some popular trust marks.

Trust Mark Examples

Also, all trust marks can be clicked on and their authenticity verified by the company that provides them. These should match up to the domain that you eventually make a purchase from. Note that some promotional/informational sites may use a different site when clicked on, but will ALWAYS match the site domain you eventually buy K2 incense from.

  • Do not buy from K2 sites that do not contain a) trust marks, that can b) be clicked on to verify the domain.

When entering sensitive details like your personal information and credit card details on all web sites, including K2 suppliers, ensure your information is being sent over a secure server. All web browsers (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) will tell you where the web address is located when you are on a secure encrypted server (https:// instead of the normal http://). If you get a warning about a certificate being outdated, do not purchase from that website.

  • Do not enter any details into or purchase K2 from sites that do not provide secure servers with valid security certificates when making your purchase.

Do not buy from sites that list other sites by domain as fake/unofficial

Fake Scam alterts

There are a number of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ K2 sites that claim other proper K2 sites are unofficial/fake. However, you will notice that on these sites, their claims are contained within ‘images’ and are not actual text. This is a clever way to escape attention because they can block Google and other websites that archive web pages from storing these images. This means that it is extremely difficult under current legislation for the owners of the websites mentioned in these images to sue them for defamation/libel/slander. Copyright infringement claims against websites like these mean that they will just shut down without further legal action, but defamation is hard and more expensive to prove.

  • A professional website will never inform its customer of the addresses of fake websites because if they are fake, they can be closed down by official operations within hours through the right channels.

Still unsure about a K2 site?

If the site you are considering buying from passes all the information provided about real K2 sites above, but you still have a gut feeling that something is wrong with the site, follow this simple advice. For your first order consider only ordering a 1 or 3 gram bag. If the site provides you with fake/poor quality K2 and/or a poor customer experience, move on to another K2 supplier with minimal loss. Sure losing $15 – $30 isn’t nice, but it’s better than some of the poor souls who order and pay for large amounts of K2 only for poor quality to arrive on their doorstep, or in some cases, not at all!

  • Never order a large amount of K2 from a site you’re not 100% sure about.

Making sure you have Real K2 Incense

Unsure if you have purchased real K2 and questioning the authenticity of the K2 in your possession? Just follow this handy guide to identify tell tale signs of fake K2.

Check for tamper-proof sealed packaging.

Sealed vs non Sealed K2 Bags

Authentic and original K2 Incense™ will always be sold in sealed, tamper-proof 3 gram bags, with dimensions of 4” x 4”. Other fake K2 Spice products are often known to come in similar looking non-sealed bags. Counterfeit K2 is also known to come in Ziplock bags. These are notoriously unreliable during transit to customers, often coming open and meaning the K2 will come below weight or often not arrive at all.

One of the main reasons that genuine K2 Incense™ suppliers like ourselves supply K2 in sealed tamper proof bags is the fact that customers may return their K2 for any number of reasons. With non-sealed bags you could be getting someone else’s impure blend that has been contaminated during transit, holding and return. With authentic K2 Incense™ suppliers like us, there is no need to worry about this potentially dreadful issue.

Check the labelling

Poor Quality K2 packaging

A tell tale sign of Fake K2 Incense™ can be found in the labelling on the product packaging. You will find that cheap K2 herb will often have poorly printed, dull colors and generally poor quality aroma labels. This usually comes from an unprofessional source, keen to cut corners and have tried to poorly replicate the look of the K2 Incense™ brand. Customers will also notice that the label will look like it has been stuck on by hand and will often find the alignment of the sticker to be off-center. Authentic K2 Incense™ will always have professionally printed packaging, the logo will be bright and the printing material will be of an extremely high quality.

Fake K2 Incense Brands/flavors/blends.

Below are a list of fake K2 Brands, please avoid any supplier or store that claims to sell any of the following fake K2 blends.


Anything "K3 Incense"
Anything "K1 Incense"
K4 Coma (or anything K4)
K2 Spice Incense
K2 Cosmic Incense
K2 K.O. Incense
K2 Premium Blend
Premium Blend "Original" K2
K2 Organic
K2 Potpourri
K2 Bloom
K 12 Spice
K2 Cloud 9 Incense
K2 Sky Incense
Orbital K2 Incense
K2 Exotica
K2 Back Door
K2 Kryptonite
K2 Krush
K2 Stealth
K2 "Improved"

Funky Blends

K2 Berry Incense
K2 Champa
K2 Pumpkin
K2 Pina Colada
K2 Plum
K2 Peach Incense
K2 Apple Baked
K2 Watermelon Incense
K2 Pineapple Express
K2 Strawberry (not to be confused with the real ‘Strawberry Rush’)
K2 Mint Incense
K2 Candy Incense
K2 Honey
K2 Mint Chocolate Chip
K2 Tutti Fruti
K2 Apple
K2 Chocolate
K2 Grape (not to be confused with the real ‘Grape Rush’)
K2 Vagina
K2 Blackberry
K2 Tropical Punch
K2 Granny Smith Apples
K2 Blueberry Incense
K2 Champagne
K2 Cream Soda
K2 Orange
K2 Latte

Plays on Original Blends
K2 Ultra-Summit
K2 Summit-Ultra
K2 Free Summit
K2 Citrus (not to be confused with the real ‘Citron’)
K2 Silver Incense
K2 Grand Summit
K2 Solid
K2 Everest Incense
K2 Super
K2 Super Summit
K2 Summit 420
K2 Volcano

Cannabis/ Marijuana Associating Blends

K2 Rasta
Super Kush K2
K2 Kush Incense
Primo K2 Incense
K2 Super Kush
K2 Marijuana
K2 Free Kush Incense
K2 Haze Incense
K2 Weed
K2 Jackass
K2 Kamikaze
K2 Happy Daze Incense
K2 Coma

Any other Questions?

If in doubt, you can always call us, email us or even write to us!

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