K2 Smoke Testimonials & Stories

K2 Incense Testimonials

We are a customer centric business here at K2 and love to hear feedback from our many happy K2’ers. We’re always open to new ideas, and if your K2 experience is ever less than perfect, just let us know and we’ll endeavour to make sure your high expectations and opinion of us remains.

Below is just a small selection of the happy customers who have enjoyed the K2 incense experienced.

The K2 Incense Service

“You guys at the official k2 incense.com & K2 legal smoke are just awesome. Easy to use web site, all the information you need minus the bs! Delivery is free and my nosey house never knows what in my special packages every month. Amazing Product…. never lets me down A++++” Steve, Florida.

“…can’t thank you enough for the quick delivery of my order. I can’t believe I went that long ordering sub-par K2, I know why you guys are the ‘official’ supplier now. I’m also saving a fortune buying online!” Jane, California.

“Top Site, Top Service, Top K2 Herb, Top Weekend, Thank you kind Sirs!” Jamie, New York

“…the Free shipping alone is saving me over $35 per month, you never seem to be out of stock for my favourite K2 Blonde….you’ve just seem to make K2 incense that little bit more awesome for me…” Kyle, Alabama

K2 Spice Reviews

“Just wow, thank you!” Dustin, Oregon

“K2 just takes you to a different place. Personally I’m one for burning it after the work. It just helps the stress melt away and I can just really enjoy my evenings now you know?” Mike, Pennsylvania

“K2 Summit 2.0 is crazy, how do you lot keep the standard of K2 so high? Let some friends borrow my bag for a few hours. Within 30 minutes of lightening up, they had placed an order with you! Where do I collect my commission lol?” Ben, New Jersey

“You guys are so right, unlike other less excellent legal smokes, you only need a little bit to get in the right frame of mind! …and personally I don’t think anything else even comes near real K2 incense, for quality, experience and service.” Kelly, South Dakota

Bizarro Kush Incense Blue Label Diablo Mr Nice Guy Mad Hatter Spice

Our K2 Wholesale Customers

“…you always seem to go out of your way way for us, if dealing with all my other suppliers was as easy as you guys I might get more weekends to myself… keep up the great work and K2.” Kelly, Nevada (February 2011)

“Probably the most professional distributer I’ve come across in this area of the market, you guys always deliver on time with a smile” Jim, South Carolina (May 2011)

“…also you guys are always ready with a stream of new products that always seem to gain a loyal following really quickly. Trading has been challenging in Texas the past few month with the ban affecting a lot of our spice and incense stock. It certainly didn’t take you long to find a new K2 solution that both we and our customer base love!” Tim, Austin, Texas (August 2011)

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